Personal Responsibility

UB Members are adults and are required to take Personal Responsibility seriously,
UB is not your mother, you are an adult!

  • Registering & paying for events in the correct time period

  • Attending an Orientation & Etiquette Workshop at a time prior to an event

  • Negotiating with play partners

  • Looking after your own safety and wellbeing with appropriate strategies

  • Anxieties - have a strategy and support in place

  • Medication - if you have a condition that requires medication, have this with you and any instructions/contacts - use a sealed envelope and let someone know where its is located at the event

  • Making friends is your responsibility

  • Only participating in actions that you fully agree too

  • Upskilling and learning

  • Arranging your own travel to events

  • Walking away from scenes that you do not like or that may trigger you

  • Being aware of your physical surroundings, and not walking into a scene

  • Reading the information packs for each event

  • If you need assistance, ask for it!

  • If you have an issue, please contact the appropriate people or committee to help you solve the problem.

  • Bitching is not a conflict resolution strategy.