General policies

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Financial Accounts

The UB Financial Accounts will run 1 May to 30 April, as per the recommendation of the groups Accountant. 

The Accounts will be reviewed by the Treasurer and Steering Committee, any discrepancies will be notified to the members.


The UB Website is set up as a central source of information for UB members, separate from other social media companies.

Google Analytics monitors the relevance and use of this website and is reported at the Munches.

Content can be added by contacting the Steering Committee online or at a Munch.

Content must be relevant and up-to-date and benefiting the community.

SIG Policies

Rope Group  Code of Conduct

Courtesy and Respect

We believe that anyone who enters a UB space deserves courtesy and respect. We demonstrate this value in how we speak to each other, how we treat other people’s personal space, how we leave the venues, and the way we treat the personal boundaries of others in the group.

Many of us in the UB community have developed close relationships over time and are tactile and familiar with each other. All of these relationships have started with a ‘may I hug you?’ ‘do you mind if I touch you and your equipment?’ Or ‘May I watch from close up?’ We love when people ask first. The answer may be no, or not right now, or yes, and we appreciate being given the opportunity to have those conversations.

Reducing Risk

We are aware that many kink practices carry inherent risks. The level of risk varies from activity to activity but is almost always present, and as such we do our best to manage and reduce risk wherever we can. We demonstrate this value in how we communicate, in the importance we place in education, in using the right equipment for the activity, and in all sig group attendees working within their skill level.

The risks in kink range from low risk activities through to those considered edgeplay.

Edge play requires good safety and training, and the sig groups are designed to provide some of this training and required procedures. We may be able to help you do something more safely or point you to more effective equipment or resources.

Please be aware that if we observe a practice we believe may cause injury or have concern for any of the participants, we will step in and discuss with you.

Upholding Consent

We believe in the importance of informed, enthusiastic, ongoing consent. Whether you have just walked in and want to learn or whether you’re an existing member of UB, we believe that you should be given the opportunity to give or withhold consent. 

We demonstrate this value by asking first, respecting an answer the first time, and creating a listening environment. We believe that any person in the the rope group, whether a new or established member, a host or instructor, should always ask before touching a person or their equipment. We believe that all parties should be as informed as possible before beginning any activity, and we believe that anyone in sig group should be able to change their mind without explanation and that things should stop as safely and as quickly as possible. The consent of tops and bottoms are equally important. For anyone who says no, or that they’re uncomfortable, their word should be accepted and they should not be pressured to perform in any way.

Our hope is that by providing and living these values, we foster open and inviting spaces to pursue kink play.

Ethics Committee - Issues

"Ethical behaviour includes honesty, integrity, fairness and a variety of other positive traits. Those who have others' interests in mind when they make decisions are displaying ethical behaviour"

Charged with the responsibility of ensuring the ethical behaviour of UB members at UB events, the committee mediates or investigates, issues, disputes, or complaints from UB members.

Has an overview of the UB Elections