Star Trek vs. Batman


Hailed as the best fanfilm ever made by Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek vs. Batman lovingly crawled onto the small blurry screens of CRT monitors everywhere in 2006. Writer/Director Christopher Allen threw every expectation out the window for this comedy mash up that featured two beloved 1960's television institutions.

"To see the Joker in the Captain's chair firing everything the Enterprise had still makes me howl in laughter." said Allen. "Of course, beaming Batman and Robin around was pretty fun too." he added.

"When I would tell people the story, they smiled with an evil grin and told me how cool it would be." Allen went on to say. "It wasn't a hard sell at all."

Production began in February 2006 that teamed RACSO with MagicHouse Productions in Logansport, Indiana. "Collaborating with Mark (Racop) was wonderful. He took it to the level it needed to go to." Allen said, noting the incredible use of Racop's Batmobile replica that had all of downtown Indianapolis spinning.

"We shot a sequence where Batman and Robin (in full costume) drove around downtown Indianapolis. This was just as mobile phones were able to take pictures, and I never saw so many people get so excited so quickly.

The project opened many doors that had been otherwise shut for RACSO. Festivals, conventions, fan get-togethers, everyone everywhere called Allen, wanting this to be exclusively shown at their event. "It was the easiest project to market because it literally sold itself." Allen added.


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