As with most works of fiction, an aspect of real life serves as inspiration, even if the story is based in a fantasy world. In fact, sometimes the truth in life is best highlighted when the lessons learned are taught from within an alternate reality. A reality so different from your own that the take away becomes far more apparent. The inspiration for this story can be traced back to events in my life, which began back in 1941.

"Growing up in Madison, Indiana I was always intrigued by the Jefferson Proving Ground—a munitions testing facility for the United States Army. As a child I would often close my eyes and listen to the rumbling explosions and varied ammunition tests, and picture the imagery that followed; this led to me creating a back story that led to the need for testing. The stories I cultivated in my youth play out here in my graphic novel as the origin of the hero's story—a story that readers will find fascinating, yet believable.

The long history of secrecy and mystery behind the Proving Ground allowed my mind to wander far beyond what I know and accept in my daily life—or the world as I see it, to create a compelling story of how it all began." said writer Christopher Allen.