Act in sweats, NO memorizing lines!!

This might be the ONLY acting gig where looks don’t matter!

RACSO Comics is looking for actors to record a dramatic radio (podcast) series. The audio series is to promote the upcoming release of “After the Fire”, a graphic novel that centers on the extraordinary lives of three teenagers in a small town. It’s an unpaid gig, but will not require a lot of time.

STORY: Exposed to top-secret military weapons tests as a child, a young man discovers he has exceptional abilities. Not just another superhero story, but a compelling “coming of age” story. An intimate tale of finding one’s self in the chasms of sorrow and chaos of youth.

The final radio (podcast) version will be a complete professional product with sound effects AND music. FULL DISCLOSURE: There is cussing in this story. If you’re not comfortable using swear words, don’t apply.

Interested actors are encouraged to visit the story’s website, browse the project’s art galleries, or watch the live action trailer for this project here: (insert)

TALENT MUST BE LOCAL. Recordings take place in Carmel at the Carmel Library’s Digital Media Lab on Main Street. This is NOT simply perusing lines, however performing lines with believability, affectation, and feeling.

• No line memorization.

• No costumes to worry about.

• No freezing or standing in rain/snow.

• Go at your pace.

• No hair or makeup prep.

• No 12-16 hour days.

• Food/gas provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Talent does not have to necessarily be a teenager or the exact age to be considered, but sound close enough.


(Bonus points for actors who can perform multiple voices!)

  • 2 (two) male roles available, late teens.
  • 3 (three) female roles available, late teens.

Contemporary Midwestern dialect for all characters unless specified. No heavy accents or draws necessary.

It’s easy to audition. Just record one line of dialogue with two different directions, and send it in! You can use your phone to record it and send it to chris at racsofilms dot com for consideration.

Most roles can be recorded in just one day, some in just under an hour! It’s easy, fun, and you’ll help tell a wonderful story!

EXPECTED TIME TO TAKE PLACE: One (1) Saturday in March or April. We can work with your schedule.


It’s easy. Record your audio audition with a couple of lines from Fellowship of the Ring.

"The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it."

Record the first take as if you are saying the lines to someone you love very much.

The following take, say the line as though you are stating it to somebody you hate. These two varieties should demonstrate your vocal abilities unless you wish to add more from a favorite poem, play, or monologue.

SEND IT IN: Writer/Producer Chris Allen at chris at racsofilms dot com if you are interested!