A Certain Justice


Ripped straight from the headlines, A Certain Justice addresses today's prevalent social issues. John Ryder (Jason Kistler), a vigilante for families who have lost loved ones to senseless crimes, is out to bring criminals to justice. With legal and social corruption out of control, families of murdered and abused children seek Ryder out to provide reparation the courts cannot deliver.

Along his journey, Ryder uncovers a gruesome black market human cloning ring, run by a prominent CEO, Victor Grant (Bobby Christman). Beneath the facade, Grant hatches his most ruthless scheme yet... to successfully clone a human being. Aware of Ryder's pursuit, Grant discovers Ryder's own embittered past by learning of his sister's senseless murder years before. With Ryder's Achilles ‘ heel exposed, Grant offers refuge to Ryder from the authorities, in exchange that he clone his murdered sister. A unique and poignant story of right and wrong in today's social climate, A Certain Justice presents a mirror to the face of society... Atonement, redemption, and intrigue "truly allow for a film that doesn't feel amateur or local." (Indianapolisfilm.net, a now defunct website.)