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There is a vast difference between stories and inspired stories. Inspired stories are thoughtful, and written only after considering many different perspectives. Inspired stories are written for the sheer pleasure of telling a truly great story. After the Fire is a story not written for fame or ego, but to tell a story that many people can relate to—even amidst circumstances many will never come close to.

"There are a few key moments in my life that inspired this story," said writer Christopher Allen. "The original concept came from the death of a childhood friend. Over the years, I found myself occasionally pondering 'what would he have become had he lived into adulthood?' From there, the story that came to mind was Disney's 'Fox and the Hound'. A friendship that becomes endangered by what they have become, by what nature has instinctively commanded of them. That premise greatly intrigued me, and is what got me writing." Allen added.

"Writing in the superhero genre can be tough," he continued. "I'm afraid the superhero genre will go the way of 80's hair bands…once highly regarded, then over-saturated and feeling as if they are all an imitation of another. Instead of writing for the sake of appealing to pop culture, I wanted the story to have a unique and solid foundation. A story not only about powers, but how a kid can transcend those to everyday life—while still managing the stress of everyday life. It’s easy to say being powerful could make for an easier life, but does an easy life really lead to a meaningful one?' Allen added.