In My Life

1997 - 45 MINS.

As a follow up to The Living Years, Writer/Director Christopher Allen teamed up with actor Mark Overton to produce and direct a short version of the story of In My Life. The epic 70 year story was on ambitious project that centered on a fantasy element of "what if" a present day kid swapped places with a man from the 1940's. The intriguing premise inspired Allen and Overton to shoot as many of the best scenes from the script.

"This is still one of my most favorite stories," said Allen. "There was a lot of my own family in it, a lot of love and so much rich history."

The short covered a pre-World War Two era, engaging war sequences, Vietnam, and the aftermath of a family scattered by the winds of time.

"What was so compelling, and still is to this day, is the unique possibility of someone else seeing and living another person's life." Allen added.

Efforts are underway to retrieve the original master tape of this short.