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This site was built to showcase information about me and the work I have completed in Minnesota State University Moorhead's MS in Educational Leadership graduate program (concentration in Higher Education). It will also touch base with my current work with Century College, my time spent in diversity training with SEED, and the 18 months I spent learning with the Luoma Leadership Academy and my Action Learning Team. The information contained within evaluates my growth within the program while focusing heavily on the specific Minnesota Leadership Competencies. My career goal is to move into a director position at a Higher Education institution and eventually a CIO, but above all I want to become a strong leader that can inspire others to do their best and truly enjoy their job.

About Me

I am a versatile, creative, and dedicated IT professional with over 15 years’ experience in web/application development, leadership, analytics, and UX design. I started building websites in 1996 as a hobby, later deciding to make it my career I focused on freelancing websites (which is still something I do year-round). After completing some schooling and grasping the concepts of application development, I moved on from designing to also incorporating coding in several languages. I have since worked in both an IT and Marketing capacity, doing anything from design work to complicated application development.

I am currently the Lead Application Developer for Century College in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, earned my B.S. in Information Technology Management and Health Informatics from the University of Minnesota, and have just completed my M.S. in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University at Moorhead.

With almost 10 years working for Century College as the Lead Application Developer and leading many cross-functional Higher Education teams. I have worked on projects such as applications for students, faculty hiring committees, data procedures, security concerns, policy and strategic planning, and overall college mission building. I have assisted institutions in Minnesota State improve service delivery through data, analysis, and actionable recommendations.

On a personal note, I have 3 wonderful kids (22, 14, 9) and a beautiful wife of 14 years. I am a former professional musician, I was even up for a music award once against none other than Prince. I still play for fun in many other bands and still do some recording on occasion. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, after a grueling treatment and slow recovery I have beat it and have officially been cancer free for a little over 6 years!