Ordeal Membership

The first level within the Lodge is Ordeal. After a youth Scout is elected by their unit, they will participate in a "Call-Out" Ceremony. Tindeuchen holds this ceremony each week during Summer Camp at Pioneer Scout Reservation on Family Night (Wednesday night). Participation in this ceremony is NOT a requirement to attend an Ordeal. It is simply a way to recognize an individual for being elected for membership in the Lodge.

After they have been elected for membership in the Lodge, each candidate shall participate in an Ordeal. This is a weekend event that will teach the candidate about the purpose of the Lodge and the abilities of the candidate. After completing this Ordeal, you will be an Ordeal member of Tindeuchen Lodge with all rights of membership in the the Order of the Arrow. You will need to pay an annual dues to be considered an active member of the Lodge and allowed to wear the Lodge flap and Ordeal sash, attend Lodge, Section and National events, participate on the Ceremonies Team during Ordeals and vote (if a youth) on Lodge matters.