Arrowman of the Year

The Arrowman of the Year Award is given to one youth and adult in Tindeuchen Lodge each year who goes above and beyond in their duties to the Lodge and Scouting. The recipients are chosen by the Awards Committee of Tindeuchen Lodge.

1989 Bill Giezie (Youth) and Bill Youngs (Adult)

1990 Gregg Dodd (Youth) and Ken Kowalski (Adult)

1991 Christopher Earl Reynolds (Youth) and Ted McLaughlin (Adult)

1992 Larry Inguatiato (Youth) and Dave Macy (Adult)

1993 Justin Reid (Youth) and Mike Mechlowitz (Adult)

1994 Craig Vollmar (Youth) and Galen Caswell (Adult)

1995 Shawn Chowdary (Youth) and Jim Raddle (Adult)

1996 Brian Raddle (Youth) and Bernie Lodrick (Adult)

1997 John Moore III (Youth) and Christopher Earl Reynolds (Adult)

1998 James Moore (Youth) and Neil Horn (Adult)

1999 Ethan Merritt (Youth) and Carol Terry (Adult)

2000 Anthony Martin (Youth) and John Moore (Adult)

2001 Seth Elliot (Youth) and Tom Bulone (Adult)

2002 Greg Collins (Youth) and Dan Nieman (Adult)

2003 Craig Elliot (Youth) and Brian Jensen (Adult)

2004 Alex Spencer (Youth) and Robert Church (Adult)

2005 No Selection

2006 No Selection  

2007 Chris Meyer (Youth) and John Stout Sr. (Adult)

2008 No Youth Selection and Dave Schultz (Adult)

2009 Eric Stern (Youth) and Joe Meyer (Adult)

2010 James Cribbs II (Youth) and Bob Schneider (Adult)

2011 Ben Gordon (Youth) and Roger Grieve (Adult)

2012 Andrew Jex (Youth) and Ian Blodgett (Adult)

2013 Brandon Bailey (Youth) and Alan Bernard (Adult)

2014 Caden Miller (Youth) and Patrick Sutherland (Adult)

2015 Jacob Bernard (Youth) and Rod Miller (Adult)

2016 Collin Miller (Youth) and Bob Ohler (Adult)

2017 Jonathan Earley (Youth) and Jeff Earley (Adult)

2018 Will Monroe (Youth) and Russell Eby (Adult)

2019 John Hutchinson (Youth) and Scott Grundy (Adult)

2020 Xavier Stiles (Youth) and Alan Mack (Adult)

2021 Jack Robinson (Youth) and Marie Grundy (Adult)

2022 Cody Ray (Youth) and Cheryl Smarkel (Adult)