Founders Award

About the Award

The Founders Award is given to those Lodge members who have provided outstanding and dedicated service to their Lodge over a length of time. This award began in 1981 in honor of the Order of the Arrows founders E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson. This award may be given to only two Lodge members each year. Recipients receive a bronze medallion with Goodman's and Edson's portraits on it as well as a bronze arrow attached to a red ribbon to be hung from the button of the right breast pocket of the Scout Uniform. Below is the list of youth (Y) and adult (A) recipients from Tindeuchen Lodge.

1993: Christopher Earl Reynolds (Y)

1996: Shawn Chowdary (Y), Jim Radde (A)

1997: Brian Raddle (Y), Bernie Lodrick (A)

1998: Ethan Merritt (Y) , Robert Church (A)

2000: Jeff Frastaci (Y), Carol Terry (A)

2001: Jon Frastaci (Y), Frank Merritt (A)

2003: Greg Collins (Y), Jonnie Duncan (A)

2013: Jay Cribbs (Y), Ben Gordon (Y)

2020: John Hutchinson (Y), Bob Schneider (A)

2021: Jacob Rudebock (Y), Bob Ohler (A)