Dame Lorraine

Thom Christopher as Sal in Dame Lorraine (1983), picture by Anne Marie Dodero.

Thom Christopher on his role as Sal in Dame Lorraine (1983), in an interview for the 1983 yearbook of the Thom Christopher Fan Club:

"I would say that the most difficult role for me up to this point has been Sal in "Dame Lorraine" -- an original play by Steve Carter presented at the Los Angeles Actors Theatre. Playing a Black-Italian who is passing as white presented great challenges and difficulties, forcing me to journey into areas of my actor's thinking and feeling that I've never had to use before. Add the fact that I made acting choices that forced me to challenge myself and stretch in the ninety-plus minutes I was on stage. My character was one of the first on stage and he never left until the end. Much listening had to be properly motivated for me due to Sal's "ever-aware presence" on stage. In all, it was a very satisfying creative journey into myself."


Dame Lorraine review by The Hollywood Reporter, January 20, 1983 (source: The Thom Christopher Files, © TCFC)