Members Only Events for Couples and Singles.

Coming to a Samantha's Group event at the Retreat for the first time?

Just follow the instructions below.

Please make sure you (BOTH OF YOU) read this website before confirming, so you know what to expect. It takes about 10 minutes to read and confirm so be ready to read carefully.

Samantha's Events at the Retreat are different than any house meetings you have attended.

We have detailed rules for a reason, so please read carefully.

To confirm an event please complete all steps to be on our guest list.

Remember only confirmed guests will be admitted.

Start reading with page #1 The Retreat and end with page #6 Confirmation.

If you are reading on a cell phone just push the area with 3 lines in the top left hand corner to see the pages.

There is a code word on every page #1-#5. 5 plus words in the phrase. please read carefully, you will need to send this to get the address.

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SLS members that use the SLS app will not get the email notices from us. You must use the Browser version to get these notices under archived mail. The app does not support our group either so make sure you join with the link below. SLS promises to make this apart of the app soon.

join the Samanthas Stable group on sls by clicking this link (must be logged into sls browser version for this link to work)

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