4 Couples/SF

Some only want 1 extra guy some like 5 or more. There is something for everyone here. If you know any guys that fit the party, please encourage them to confirm here at samanthasstable.com. With the new sls format posting a HOT DATE on SLS helps improve your chances of finding play partners!

WE now offer carpool discount which us especially great for our long distance guests.

We have 12 lockable rooms, most private but some with windows! We have 32 lockers available to store your items.

Couples and single ladies park in the rear near the main entrance unless the rear lot is full. The parking attendant will tell you where to park.

The house has rugs and hardwood floors, one flight of steps. Outside is a mix of asphalt, concrete and grass. So wear proper shoes.

Once you arrive you will be checked in.

All parties are BYOB and BYOC. We supply the food, ice mixers and the rooms. Mouthwash, towels, misc toiletries and showers available.

Ladies, colored wristbands are for Ladies nights only.

The Retreat wristband system has worked pretty good

When you arrive gals playing get a wristband band. Having a wristband on does not mean you will play with everyone of that color. This is ladies choice. The wristbands are to provide a way to not waste time finding your play partners. Ladies are encouraged to make the first moves. Our guys never want to seem pushy. Tonight is your night to pick..or if you are more sub, your partners choice. Either way, being upfront is best. Choosing a color and then going against that undermines the system.

White=Light cock only

Black=Dark cock only


RED= Watcher/do not ask to play.

This way no one wastes their time or is uncomfortable.

Remember this is Ladies choice, you do not have to play with anyone and no means no.

Any guest that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know asap. We have a no tolerance policy and they will not be invited back.

The code word for this page is the name of the party you want to attend. examples are "black cock ", " White cock " or "Ladies night #" and the date of the event please.

Once in the Retreat you will get a tour from one of our members. From there we will start the party as a meet and greet. Mingle, plenty of room to talk with drink and snacks. When you are ready to play, go play… it's that easy.

We do not accept bi, bic or hetroflexible males in this group or at the parties.