Why do we have to READ the whole website?

Because we want all of you to know exactly what to expect , what the others expect of you,

answer all your questions and make you as comfortable as possible when you come to the

Retreat for a party.

Who is Samantha?

She is a woman that helped start the group. She even claimed that was not her real name.

Have not heard from her for years.

We did consider renaming it to Hollywood Stable.

Where is the Retreat ?

ZIP CODE 08343

Is the Retreat a club:

While we may visit a club or Hotel with a group promotion occasionally most group

meetings will be held at Reds and Stars home that we call the Retreat.

Do you live at the Retreat?

Yes, Reds and Star live at the Retreat.

Do we park in the street?

No, all parking is done on property, We have street parking available as a backup.

Ubers/dropoff is in the REAR have your driver bring you to the back of the property.

Why so many single males?

Because this party is geared to couples that like additional STRAIGHT men for group play.

Guys are to be assertive but not pushy. We do prefer the ladies to get what they want.

ladies, this is not your night to be shy.

There are so many single males on the sls list?

Anyone can put themselves on the sls party list. Only profiles marked confirmed on that

party list will be attending. We try to keep the ratio of single men per woman depending

on their needs but we are usually under 1.75. So if we have 25 ladies confirmed we usually

get 40 single men show up.

Is there a dress code?

For the ladies there is no requirements. Once in the Retreat female nudity is accepted.

Guys, keep the goods covered in common areas.

Men, no sweats and no hats. dress to impress the ladies.

Is there a charge to attend?

donations to the group are as follows.

25 single females , 50 couples, 60 single males and 70 wing man couples unless otherwise

stated in party description. Wing man couples are a single male and single female that arrive

together in the same car.

All drivers that bring an extra couple, single male or female get a $10 discount off their entry.

Just Let Reds know when you confirm.

We keep the donation for costs as low as possible to make an affordable evening for our Lifestyle friends with

zero membership fees. Everyone pays at the door cash or Paypal

We order between 10-14 fresh delivered pizzas at 1030.

We also provide many or all of these items depending on the night:

Hot sandwiches, cheese and cracker tray, veg tray, chips, pretzels, candy , desserts, water bottles and more!

Do you serve alcohol?

This is a BYOB PARTY. We will not even pour your drinks. We always have a guest

that forgets to bring their own alcohol and then take/ask others for alcohol.

Its rude to take any alcohol you did not bring, asking someone puts them on the spot.

Cooler bags are encouraged or your bottle will be on a counter top.

We have an outdoor full sized refrigerator that has room plus is full of bottled water and a

small fridge in the lower level with bottled water inside.

Nearest place for alcohol from the Retreat is Kenny's liquor(10pm)

or Clayton liquors(open till 11 but after 10 only beer/wine) just minutes away.

second code word for this page is "for"


There is no smoking/Vaping in the Retreat. There is a smoking area

outside. Understand some couples will not play with

smokers so vaping at a swingers event is a far better option and improves

your chances of finding play partners.

Are there hotels in the area? Yes there are 2 within 10 minutes in Glassboro.

Motel 6 ($69 and $79) rooms available and Courtyard by Marriot($129) .

If you are coming from the north there are a few hotels in the

Depford Area as well as Mullica Hill.

There are others depending on your direction just google hotels 08343

and then adjust the map in your home direction

Do you have lockers for our stuff?

Yes, we have 32 lockers for your items. Bring own lock or $5 deposit per lock, Please leave valuables locked in your car.

Do you provide condoms or lube?


No, we do have regular and magnum condoms available for a fee.

See Star at the entry door.

Lube should always be water soluble. Please no silicone based

Do you take overnight Guests?

We do have clean and lockable rooms for couples available after 130 am for $40

We now offer lower level rooms to crash for couples and some single males at

230am for $25 please contact Reds for this.

Getting drunk drunk and disruptive because you are staying is not acceptable.

I am worried about creepy guys.

we do our best to keep creepers out. Your input always helps and please contact

us if you have any issues. If you see anyone breaking normal swinger rules

or our House Rules please contact us immediately. New men arrive at 8pm for a

Q&A and tour. If you cant make the early tour, just let reds know so we can

make sure someone gets you a tour when you arrive.

We aren't really into White guys/black guys?

we have parties that feature only single males that fit that description. Look for

our white and black cock only parties.

We like all kinds of guys?

We have ladies choice nights that are for all men

Couples on your list block single males?

These couples are here to meet single males. Most couples get bugged and bothered by singles

and only choose to associate with them in person. This is your chance to meet them!