#5 for the men

Guys, come dressed to impress the ladies. please no sweats. Do your manscaping. No one wants hairy! Hygiene is number one. We have showers and don't mind you using them.

Please don't contact the couples on the list unless they invite it. Having your pics open for them is a start and confirm early for the event. Couples please alert us if guys are too desperate or creepy.

When you arrive always look for Chad and Reds to help you park, guys usually park out front.

If you must bring your phone in try not to use it. Even if you might be waiting you should still be socializing with the other guys/girls at the party.

I cant stress this enough guys, BYOB -dont come empty handed and think you can grab from someone else. And most of all, you aren't here to drink, you are here to socialize and play. Drunks wont be invited back,

No MEANS NO... Always get permission before touching or entering someones space.

If doors are shut, never open or knock on them even if unlocked. If they want you in there the door will be open.

Patience is key and if you are told no, just accept it.. Its never personal. Your admission doesn't guarantee you anything but food, mixers and nice place to socialize with like minded singles and couples.

Pay attention to wristbands on the ladies this will save time and awkwardness.

Guys, just dont think you can show up and get laid. You have to engage and pay attention to the ladies. Some will grab you and some you need to do some le

Once you arrive you enter the back door and you will be checked in by Star. Be ready with the screen name.

Code word #5 is the name of the party you are confirming for. "PARTY"

If you are new to the Retreat you will get a tour from one of our members along with a Q&A. We do ask if you can make it between 8-9 if you can . Just let Reds know if you can make it that early.