To confirm for our party you must find the code phrase within the site

For Parties at the Retreat:

If you can make it early enough,

NEW Single Males and couples can show up as early as 830 for the tour

tour and Q&A.

All others show up after 915 please..

We have admission after 1130 at a reduced rate and will run the party until close to 230am.

25 single females, 50 couples, 60 Single Males, and 70 for wing man couple arriving in the same car.

We love Carpooling!

Carpool and we will discount the Driver $10

Just let Reds know.

Text you Screen name and the phrase to 6096852404 if you wish to confirm for this party.

If you have to cancel after you confirm just remove yourself from the sls list, its that easy but please

show up if you confirm your visit. Other guests are coming to meet you. No one likes a NO SHOW.

so please remove your profile from the sls list prior to 8 pm the night of the party.

For Samantha's Hotel Party: