Are you looking for information about the HOTEL PARTY ?

Coming to a party at the retreat? follow the instructions below.


Please make sure you (BOTH OF YOU) read this website before confirming, so you know what to expect. It only takes about 5 minutes to read and confirm.

Samantha's Parties at the Retreat are different than any house party you have attended.

We have detailed rules for a reason, so please read carefully. Do not scan the site for the code words!

Nearly 6000 plus square feet of Lifestyle enjoyment!

To confirm for the next party please complete all steps to be on our guest list.

Remember only confirmed guests will be admitted.

Start with page #1 The Retreat and end with page #6 Confirmation.

If you are reading on a cell phone just push the area with 3 lines in the top left hand corner to see the pages.

There are code words on every page to confirm.

The email list below does not confirm you or sign you up for a party.