Stop Killer Cops!

We Demand Community Control of the police.

We are sick of cops killing, drugging, maiming, and harassing our people. How is it that cops with several dozen abuse complaints, cops who have repeatedly hurt unarmed people, cops who beat their wives, are still on the force? There is no real accountability.

We demand COMMUNITY control. Accountability to those who pay them: the residents of Minneapolis.

The Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar is taking up the idea from the Black Panther Party for SelfDefense, and more recently from activists in Chicago and elsewhere, for community control, meaning...

---- All-elected, all-civilian council with power over the Police Department to hire, fire, and prosecute cops. ----

We call it CPAC.

What is CPAC?

The Civilian Police Accountability Council won’t be another rubber-stamp agency;

it will change the rules entirely.

CPAC will make decisions & rules. Unlike the City Council, CPAC’s only job will be to control the police.

With CPAC, bad cops will be prosecuted. Law-abiding cops can come forward, be hired, and stay in their jobs.

Harassment, abuse, and murder by police officers and departments will have consequences.

When CPAC is law in Minneapolis, the community will be able to:

· Elect all its members - civilians only, no cops or former cops.

· Rewrite the police rulebook, including use-of-force guidelines & training.

· Appoint the chief of police. No longer would a single person, the Mayor, hold this power.

· Set the rules for hiring, based on what the community wants in their officers (for example, we might decide that officers must live in the city they serve, etc.)

· Investigate ALL complaints - shootings, harassment, acts of racist policing, crimes by police, etc. Investigations will be completely transparent so the public knows what's going on.

· Be the final authority on discipline in the MPD - discipline & fire bad cops.

If the police are paid to serve and protect, then CPAC will make sure they do that, and only that.

Who is proposing CPAC?

Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar is a community group dedicated to the fight for justice for those who have been harmed by police. Founded after the killing by MPD of Jamar Clark, on November 15, 2015, the Coalition has supported the families of victims of police violence and searched for solutions to prevent this violence ever since. In cooperation with many other community groups, we organize peaceful demonstrations and support those who are fighting in courts and committees to get justice for their loved ones. We have seen too much. The community has suffered too much. And the Mayor, the courts, and state legislators continue to allow these abuses of power. We want to take that power back.

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