Classic cakes for memorable events in Taos, the Enchanted Circle and beyond

Gift Certificates: a unique and personal gift that is fresh when you want it! 

Available in any denomination you choose, minimum of $25.  Please contact Taos Cakes here to order.  

Last minute?  

Sometimes things just come up, so give us a call or a text and we will see what is on hand.  You will have very limited sizes and flavors but such orders can sometimes be accomodated the same day or next day.  These cakes will be simply but beautifully decorated and if you like, we can add a topper that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY or MR & MRS.  

Of course, the more time you give us, the better!  

Reviews help others find the perfect cake for their event, so please help folks find us by leaving a review:  

French vanilla & salted caramel "...beautiful, amazingly moist, and with the most decadent buttercream frosting I've ever had" -JM

White almond with fruit "....gorgeous and absolutely delicious" 


Lemon cake with tangy lemon curd:

"Wow what a fantastic cake...can't imagine how you made it so moist" 


Lemon Cake, lemon curd, succulent decor "You did a fabulous job!"  -LG

Classic Princess Cake: "I don't like cake, but I LOVE this cake!" -PP

Berry Chantilly Cake: "I am so happy with you and the cake.  Thanks again for such a wonderful treat." -DR

Valentines Yellow Cake with Strawberry Cream: "Elegant and tasty" - DT

Low Gluten Chocolate: "Seriously, this is the best cake ever!" -WB