Non-parametric Test of Time Consistency: Present Bias and Future Bias, by Kan Takeuchi, Games and Economic Behavior, 71(2), pp.456-478, 2011.

In this paper, I present the very novel theory to characterize any time inconsistency.

Definition (Equivalent Delay Function): For X<Y, the equivalent delay, T(X,Y), makes the following two options equally valuable, (1) Receive X now, and (2) Receive Y with the delay of T(X,Y).

Theorem: A decision-maker exhibits present bias, if and only if, T is sub-modular.

Remark: Note that this characterization of time inconsistency is completely non-parametric and independent of the form of the utility function.

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Multi-object auctions with package bidding: An experimental comparison of Vickrey and iBEA, by Yan Chen and Kan Takeuchi, Games and Economic Behavior, 68(2), pp.557-569, 2010.

Chen and Takeuchi (2010GEB,preprint) Multi-object auctions with package bidding An experimental comparison of Vickrey and iBEA.pdf
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Scheduling with Package Auctions, by Kan Takeuchi, John C. Lin, Yan Chen and Thomas Finholt, Experimental Economics, 13(4), pp.476-499, 2010.

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Time Discounting: The Concavity of Time Discount Function: An Experimental Study, by Kan Takeuchi, Journal of Behavioral Economics and Finance, 5, pp.2-9, 2012.

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