Swing Era in the Capital District


This website shares our research on the history of the Swing Era -1935 - 1945 in the greater Albany, New York area.

Our research reveals a rich and vibrant musical scene in the greater Albany area during the Swing Era. After multiple years of primary research, we have gathered here the most comprehensive collection of information on this subject.

If your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents lived in this area at this time, they were affected and touched by this significant cultural and artistic moment. It is a fascinating story which we are happy to bring to you.

Click on the INTRODUCTION link for an overview of the era.

Click on VENUES for a tour of the bars, clubs, hotels, theaters and other places where where the music happened.

Click on BANDS AND MUSICIANS to learn about the local bands and musicians.

LOCAL RADIO highlights Swing Era activity on Capital District radio stations.

ALBANY WALKING TOUR is a self-guided tour of Swing Era sites in downtown Albany.

CROSSROADS OF SWING ERA takes you to the neighborhood featuring the highest concentration of swing music venues in Albany.

CHRONOLOGY is an overview of local music happening by year, 1938 - 1942.

CREDITS/ABOUT will identify the site's authors and will credit institutions aiding this project.

NEW - Albany Musicians Union Directory - is the complete membership directory (circa 1940s) of the Albany Musicians Association, Local No. 14.

Watch our Powerpoint lecture delivered at Albany Public Library in October 2019.

As our research progresses, we will continue to add content to this site. Stay tuned.

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