Incident Command System

If you’ve followed the wildfires in Southern California, you know the scope and severity of these fires have required the response of multiple fire agencies from across the Western United States, and has involved evacuation and sheltering of thousands of affected residents. Implementation and co-ordination of major incidents as well as local calls for service are conducted using the Incident Command System or ‘ICS.’

Interested Anthem Hams are invited to learn about the principles of ‘ICS’ with an on-line, free course offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The course, ‘ICS 100’ “Introduction to the Incident Command System” introduces participants to ICS system, its use, implementation and terminology. For Hams considering any involvement in disaster communication, successful completion of ICS 100 is considered a requirement by Clark County ARES/ RACES. According to ARES/RACES representatives, awareness-level knowledge of the Incident Command System will serve to enhance the quality of any response by the Amateur Radio community in time of disaster.