Anthem Hams

AA7SC Repeater Frequency Pair is 446.350/441.350, PL of 127.3 Hz.

All Star node 46986 & EchoLink AA7SC-R

2450 Hampton Road, Henderson, Nevada 89052

Anthem Amateurs of Sun City is an organization of residents of Sun City Anthem who are licensed Radio Amateurs and non-licensed residents with an interest in Amateur Radio and community service.

Linked Repeaters in the Immediate Area

H1 Seven Hills W7HEN 447.925(-) pl 156.78 Allstar 44045 / Echolink W7HEN-R 740644

H2 Apex Peak W7HEN/WB6AMT 449.925(-) pl 131.878 Allstar 46661

H3 Southern Henderson W7HEN/N8HC 447.725(-) pl 114.878 Allstar 47380

H4 Blue Diamond W7HEN 446.475(-) pl 156.7 **Only linked for club nets, otherwise stand-alone

H5 Pahrump W7HEN 449.850(-) pl 156.7

H6 Henderson City Center W7HEN/N2DKI 445.525(-) pl 91.5

C1 Pleasants Peak, CA WB6MIE 446.120(-) pl 131.8 private repeater that joins the W7HEN Network

Southern Nevada Repeater List

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