SHAWN Quickstart Graduate "I'm an endurance athlete. I swim, run and bike regularly. I've been competing in this realm most of my life with moderate success.

I can honestly say, once I began strength training with Coach Shawn, my athleticism and posture (go hand in hand) has improved tremendously.

The Foundations Quickstart program was just what I needed to integrate more scheduled movement into my busy life. After 4 weeks, I'm moving with more confidence, my legs feel strong during my runs and the Herbalife 24 products taste great!

You can't go wrong working with Coach Shawn - HE CARES

ALEX Quickstart Graduate- "I had the opportunity to try Strength Coach Shawn Charlebois’ SCSC BDP Foundations Quick Start Program for the month of January, to kick-start some of my individual goals and to start the year off on a positive, strong note. This course was everything I could have hoped for, and more!

There are compassionate and present coaches in a private online group, helpful tips, supportive accountability from peers, easy to follow meal plans and suggested guidelines, ongoing challenges, and an accessible program that is easy to fit into my already very busy schedule.

There is no special equipment required for the program, and even when I travelled during the month, I was able to take the program with me. There are nutrition components and supplements that are built into the program, and my dietary restrictions (gluten-free) were able to be accommodated.

My favourite part of this program is that it starts with our own individual mindset and goals, and is tailored to that, with resources to keep us inspired and on track. Strength Coach Shawn works hard to make sure this program is real to us and in alignment with where we want to progress; this makes it a program that is able to be woven into a lifestyle, and less like a temporary “fix.”

I am sitting taller at work, feel more at ease with movement, achieved some unexpected strength feats, and have focused on my nutrition. The benefits from this extend far beyond the gym. Highly recommended!

MICHEAL Quickstart Graduate- "I enjoyed the program because as someone who works out regularly it reminded me of some of the basics and the importance of functional movement.

It called out areas where I was weak and needed improvement, and supported me in building up those areas. It didn’t take long to get to a point where the moves were easier and my body was better able to move in a more functional way. I noticed in day to day activities.

CHRISTINE Quickstart Graduate- "Just finished Coach Shawn's Quick Start Online fitness and strength program and I'm very happy with my results overall and with the program itself.

The extra online support from coaches Deanna and James and the interaction with other group members was very inspiring (especially on days when I wasn't feeling up to a workout).

The food recommendations and daily menu suggestions were very helpful as far as stocking the fridge with foods tailored to a successful program.

The Rebuild Post-workout Shake was my favorite addition as far as the Herbalife products. I found it very tasty and felt like it was doing exactly what it is meant to do.

I'm leaner, stronger and feeling great after 4 weeks. Looking forward to continuing with the next online program!

JESS Group Training Client. "I love BDP. In just a few short months I've seen my body transform. I am certainly stronger and confident in my movement and abilities. I suffer from arthritis in my knees and SI joints and since training in Shawn's groups, I have noticeably less pain in my body.

Strength Coach Shawn really focuses on proper form and movement to ensure safety and maximum benefit from each challenge. It's a fun environment for those looking for a more efficient alternative to the big factory gyms. Shawn cares about your success, safety and goals."

I had great arm and chest muscles for my sisters wedding!


DREW Personal Training Client - "Shawn is an excellent strength coach. After injuring my back I set out to find a qualified and competent kettlebell instructor. I definitely found that in Shawn. After only 4 sessions Shawn was able to teach me how to properly and safely execute several kettlebell exercises such as one and two handed swings, Turkish getups, cleans, presses, deadlifts and squats.

Strength Coach Shawn can help turn you into a strong, mobile, badass!"

If you're looking for a knowledgeable and experienced coach to guide you through new exercises and give you a program that will deliver you results, then look no further

MARIAN Quickstart Graduate - "I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to either kick-start health, or who is looking for something to boost the results they are already achieving at the gym.

The combination of meal suggestions, supplements, and coaching moments were fantastic for assisting me through those days when I did not want to stick with eating clean. The exercises required nothing more than sufficient floor space to work out, and yet are demanding enough that real progress is made.

I saw a noticeable change in my ability to do certain exercises by the end of week 3. Regular posts from Shawn and the other people on the program helped both motivate me, and let me know that I was not alone when I struggled with something like the meal planning. Often responses to one of the other participants were directly applicable to something I was working at. The group coaching supplied a lot of new information on training, nutrition, and overall health topics.

The most important thing for me was that the program is adaptable to life. My work situation exploded making free time almost nonexistent. Normally when under this much stress I would shut down and subsist on junk food and caffeine. However, with the program I started each day with the exercise routines, setting a healthy mindset that I carried through the remainder of the day.

The focus on clean eating, meal planning, and the use of the shakes (I would have an F1 shake at work if the overtime messed with my eating schedule) kept me on track."

Bottom line; instead of shutting down and “eating my stress” as I would have in the past, I actually lost four pounds!

RYAN Group Training Client - "I started as a lanky individual recovering from a hernia (work related) and a nagging shoulder injury, and in that time Shawn has coached and guided me into the strongest I have ever been. Not just physically strong, but mentally as well. His passion for the subject makes him beyond knowledgable, and the feedback he provides constantly plays well with the eclectic workouts he creates (keg lifts, heavy stones, sleds, tires, kettlebells, battle ropes, and of course the typical barbell and dumbbell work).

His varied workouts keep training interesting and the effort you bring constant and growing. He will ensure you exercise with proper form so you can get the most out of your efforts."

Shawn is your man, he will get you where you want to be.

COACH Deanna Quickstart Graduate - "As a stay at home, work from home mom with a 2.5 year old, time for me was slipping away. So I decided to jump on board Shawn's SCSC BDP Foundations Quickstart program which helped me turn it up to another level with his BKC - Strength & Conditioning's Quickstart Program. The daily almost microexercises, online support and resources made it an easy program to stick too and feel like you weren't alone in the journey.

Not even a full 3 weeks in seeing the changes and feeling the changes. Can't wait to see the results continue and even up my game with whatever Shawn has in store!! If you want to turn it up, definitely talk to Strength Coach Shawn!"

JOIN The Quickstart Program You will NOT be disappointed.

JODI Quickstart Graduate - " Coach Shawn's Quickstart program helps improve functional movement, core stability and overall strength AND requires very little of your time!!!

My husband and I used this program as a warm-up before lifting at the gym and for maintenance on our off days. It gave us better range of motion in our lifts and kept us loose and functional on our days off.

Over the course of 4 weeks we noticed a big difference in our core strength and in our ability to move in a functional way. Shawn’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious... and his knowledge and support makes it so you CAN’T fail!

HAPPY, Improved Performance - SIGN UP FOR THIS TODAY.

COACH Carolina Fitness Pro - "In an industry known to be crawling with schemes, unprofessional behaviour, and shady practices, Shawn's authenticity comes as a true breathe of fresh air.

The passion and pride he has in his craft is unrivaled. His desire to help others by putting his best self forward shines through in his books just as it does in every challenge he undertakes."

COACH James Quickstart Graduate - "I did it!!! I have officially rocked COACH Shawn's Quick Start program and man the results are epic!!

BIG thanks to everyone that took a chance and went on the journey with us. Shawn is about to pump out the next program that will be even bigger and better!! If you are interested in trying the Quick Start program, I will highly recommend it!!!!! If you're looking for results this is the place!"

Down Body Fat %, Up Muscle Mass, Down Metabolic Age, Stronger, Faster - I'm PUMPed!

KELLY Personal Training Client "In the 2 years I've been training with Shawn, I've achieved several things I never thought possible and it's such a wonderful feeling. Moving better and being strong feels amazing and it helps every other thing in my life"

GLENN Quickstart Graduate "I joined in the Quick Start program because I was looking for that little something extra to take my training to the next level and I have not been disappointed. The goal I set for myself had been to improve my nutrition and choices outside the gym and I have achieved that goal, but the results go beyond that. I have more definition and am visibly leaner in my mid-section, not to mention how much stronger I feel. I have been able to lift more at the gym and have been able to master the CROW. I also noticed changes at work. When sitting I can no longer stay in one place for long without feeling the need to move. Whether it is a quick walk or stretching I have to get moving.

A huge part of my improved nutrition and performance has come from following the meal plan and using Herbalife 24 products. I was worried at the start about using the Herbalife Formula 1 Sport and Rebuild Strength as I have digestive issues and am lactose intolerant. This is the first non-vegan protein powder and supplement that I have been able to take and not have any digestive issues or experience problems from. Herbalife is top notch.

I don’t think any of this would be possible without Strength Coach Shawn. Shawn is passionate about what he does and he truly wants you to succeed. His program is solid and no nonsense. Shawn’s coaching methods are awesome. He demonstrates how to do the routines and drills with clear and easy to follow directions. Throughout the program he also provided tips and suggestions to make drills more challenging. And with the added online support of Coach Jamie and Dee you can’t go wrong."

I would highly recommend this program to anyone. It’s simple, fast, doable and most of all you get results.