My Quickstart Program is designed for invididuals who hit the ground running and want the fastest results possible...

It's also an excellent introduction to

Movement Based

strength & COnditioning

AMANDA Quickstart Graduate- "Total honesty… when Shawn first approached me about this program I hesitated for a few reasons – the cost, the supplements, the time commitment and sharing the journey with others. But after six months training with Shawn, I knew without a doubt that the offer was with a sincere desire for my personal improvement. This is at the root of all he does. So I took the leap of faith in my coach – and I am so very happy I made the investment in myself.

I’m a pretty active person all around, with running being my sport of choice. I have been a runner for almost 20 years off and on, but it’s Shawn who made me realize I am an endurance athlete. As such, I need to eat, train and think like an athlete to give myself the best chance for optimal performance and health, as well as staying injury free.

In the first week, I noticed a significant change in my sleep and focus. I was actually sleeping less but waking up feeling more refreshed, and no more mid-afternoon crashes!

By week two or three, I felt stronger and more energetic in each and every training session – my runs felt particularly easier. I credit Herbalife Rebuild for my bounce back after workouts, allowing me to train more and harder – despite a busy month of work that had me travelling from home quite a bit. Finding food options at restaurants that fit the program was simple, and I could complete the Quickstart Routines right in my hotel room since there’s no equipment required.

Throughout the program, when I had a bad day or weak moment or even just a question, I had a group of individuals on the same path to offer motivation, support or even just a little positivity with a funny meme. I can’t say enough how invaluable this was to keep me on track. Accountability is key.

Last but not least, I’ve actually had friends and co-workers comment on how much “leaner” I look. Although weight loss was not one of my initial goals for trying the program, slimming down in the mid-section is not only better for my health but dropping a few pounds will directly improve my running. Plus, it just makes me feel good!

I truly believe this was the first step in a lifetime journey for me. What is offered here is a totally easy, sustainable way of life that will benefit both body and mind."

I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to get more out of their training or simply out of their life.

SHAWN Quickstart Graduate "I'm an endurance athlete. I swim, run and bike regularly. I've been competing in this realm most of my life with moderate success.

I can honestly say, once I began strength training with Coach Shawn, my athleticism and posture (go hand in hand) has improved tremendously.

The Foundations Quickstart program was just what I needed to integrate more scheduled movement into my busy life. After 4 weeks, I'm moving with more confidence, my legs feel strong during my runs and the Herbalife 24 products taste great!

You can't go wrong working with Coach Shawn - HE CARES