What the heck does BDP stand for anyway?

Great question! I'm actually surprised I don't get asked more often. BDP stands for:

  • BODY

The 3 factors I believe are getting over looked in this industry. From what I can see, there's no middle ground out there. There are 2 types of services in the (online fitness) industry.

1) Looking better only (vanity at its finest)

2) Total rehab - injury prevention (important BUT boring)

My approach is to help people gain confidence in their physical abilities and improve the way they feel, look and think. I do this through Movement, Mindset and Community.

How do Email and Voice message support work exactly?

Email is straight forward. We will communicate via email messages weekly. With voice messaging there is a voice recorder on smart phones where we can share the recorded, file it and if the answer is simpler using voice messaging, I will respond that way.

In order for me to provide you with my best service possible, I have implemented RULES for email and voice message support. As different as they may seem, they are strategically in place and provide both of us with structure (win win).

Rule 1: You may email me 1 time a week with as many questions as you wish (as long)

Rule 2: Your questions or concerns must be structured in bullet points (no paragraphs)

Rule 3: You have reviewed my FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (it's always getting updated)

Rule 4: I will address questions and respond on Fridays before 4pm EASTERN TIME

How Do I Get My Materials?

Once payment is processed, you will be sent an email with a link to your private folder on Google Drive. This is the fastest and simplest way to share the most valuable information with you and get you started. No complicated Apps, or software to worry about. You will get access to:

  • Welcome Package (videos and guidance on how to start)
  • Supportive Resources (Infographics, FREE GIFTS)
  • Video Library relevant to your program

How Do I Check in with you?

You will have access to a private Facebook Group. I work with a great team Coach Deanna and her husband (close friend of mine) Coach James. Our BDP online community have graduated from my Quickstart program and successfully integrated Movement, Strength, Mindset and better Nutrition into their lives.

FULL DISCLOSURE This group promotes the use of Herbalife 24 products (performance based supplements). There is tremendous support, accountability, motivation and structure. Specifically:

  • Monday Mindset
  • Tuesday Tips
  • Wicked Wednesday
  • Thursday Tips
  • Feel Good Fridays

We encourage members to post when they are finished a training session to remain accountable - it’s a good thing. We motivate each other. Questions and comments can be answered here too. From time to time, there will be also Product Promotion fyi.

I want to use my mobile phone. Do I really need to only use a tablet or laptop?

Whatever you’re comfortable with. I personally don’t like watching and reading on small screens. I find it requires even more of the infamous forward head posture (sub optimal position and added stress on the head and neck).

My programs will work on a mobile device as long as you have ADOBE Reader. It’s really up to you.

What If I don’t want Herbalife Products - Can I still train?

Of course you can. You can do whatever you wish. You do NOT HAVE TO USE THE PRODUCTS. All I would ask is why not try it.

I’m a pretty skeptical guy I must admit. But I personally use these products and see the value - that's why they're included in my programming. I've always endorsed the use of SOME supplements only now I'm recommending the 24 line from Herbalife.

One thing I love about the Herbalife 24 Products is they are 3rd party tested (NSF) and clean (which is a standard that companies don’t legally have to do... they choose to).

The supplementation provides a bit more nutritional structure to the programs. While there is no magic pill or “easy route”, they do provide the essential nutrients we don’t always get from foods.

Having said that, if you’re not comfortable using or trying them, I will sell you a training program regardless. But it is more of a financial investment for your information.

What If I don’t Know How To Perform An Exercise?

Chances are you will need clarification about certain exercises. This is okay. However, I have had nothing but positive feedback on the clarity of my video descriptions. All of the videos included in your program are very thorough and the likelihood of you doing something improperly is minimal IF you watched the associated videos.

Remember I am not physically there with you, so you will have to be accountable to yourself.

Also you have access to my first book The Strength Solution Method. If you’re having trouble with a certain exercise, often times I refer clients to a specific page to read (very short a long side a picture) and the issue gets resolved.

Why Is Everything Shared Via GOOGLE DRIVE?

In short, efficiency and practicality. So in the beginning, I created massive files (docs with videos embedded) and complicated delivery methods.

Now, once payment is received, you are granted access to the relevant folders on my google drive. I’m always adding to this information too. So updating is easy and convenient for both parties

How Do PaymentS Work?

I accept credit card and I can bill you at the beginning of each month or E Transfer is acceptable as well. This is subject to change

Do You Have A Cancellation Policy?

Absolutely NOT!! Kidding. Yes as long as you give me a weeks notice before the end of the month, I will gladly stop the process. I will require a Full Weeks notice prior to the end of the month (because planning is involved with this process but yes, you can cancel the process).

In order for me to continue to grow and evolve, I would ask specifically why you decided otherwise

Why is Moving better and Strength & Conditioning the highlight of your programming - what if I just want to look better?


If your body is all “out of whack”, and you begin adding intense exercise to the equation, injuries may not be far behind.

Improving your posture allows your body to release excessive muscular tension and move with more efficiency. Tight muscles and fascia combined with misaligned joints can be a detrimental factor in your performance (your body is fighting against itself and defaulting to what’s been habitual). If your not an athlete or play sports - think of performance as the energy you possess during day to day tasks (including exercise).

In today's world (physically speaking) nothing is more important then improving your spacial awareness "body movement" and gaining strength "ability to overcome and internal or external struggle". It's very important when it comes to stability, injury prevention and confidence. The positive impact strength can have on the people close to you is worth considering too. I believe no matter what your ultimate physical objective is, moving better and become stronger is essential.

Can I Safely Make Progress Without Asking Tons Of Questions?

Great question. You don't always need your coach for guidance. In order to maximize your progress, read the following Tips.. here are just a few off the top of my head:

  • Before moving on to a heavier weight or more challenging exercise variation, slow your rep tempo down. Own Your Movement. (TSN) p.171 In The Strength Solution Method

  • Despite what your program says you can attempt an extra repetition of a given exercise (try to do more) especially on a day when you're feeling strong

  • Add an extra set of a given exercise

  • Mindfully concentrating on specific muscle groups being worked has been proven to increase performance (actively visualizing your chest and arm muscles during push up or bench press for example)

  • Add speed to your repetitions with a lighter weight or easier variation of an exercise (maintain good form but go faster than usual)

  • Manipulate your rest periods. Take 10 sec off and be strict about training by the clock

  • During rest periods perform 10 hops (kinda like skipping) to maintain an elevated heart rate. Marching is another great option

  • Perform Supersets (one exercise immediately following another). No rest in between. This is typically best with pushing and pulling exercises or squatting and hinging exercises. An example is DB Bench Press immediately followed by DB Bent Over Rows

Do I Need To Purchase Any Equipment?

Not Initially NO. It really does depend on what you enjoy doing for fitness and where you wish to go with it. Trust me, this is where coaching and guidance comes in. Also reviewing my Strength Solution Method will expose you to many possibilities.

How Strict Does My Diet Have To Be To Get Results?

Implementing an appropriate Nutrition Strategy takes time. There’s a bit of trial and error to the process. But if you consistently select foods that:


You will succeed. This can evolve over time as well. I Strongly recommend eating Whole Foods and using the Herbalife 24 products as apart of your Nutrition Strategy.


Can I Still Drink Alcohol On Your Program?

Short answer YES of Course you can. You’re an adult, you can do whatever you wish. But Your Actions MUST MEET Your INTENTIONS.

Longer answer - Refer to The Mountain of Physical Potential PDF. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is okay. But it MUST actually be moderate to minimal. If you like a higher frequency of alcoholic drinks, I suggest you allow yourself 1 or 2 days a week and slowly change from there. You will want to plan ahead and anticipate stressful days to really enjoy your drinks. The concept of delayed gratification will come into play.

Initial Exercise: Track your alcohol intake in a physical log book for a few weeks so you can actually see how much you’re consuming. Once you have some initial data, you can make some improvements.

Do I need to join a commercial gym to particiapate in your training program?

Not at all. But depending on what type of personality you are, you may benefit from joining a commercial gym. If you’re training with me, you’ll have a copy of my Strength Solution Method. Read page 83 Calisthenics. My official response is as follows:

Note: The social aspect of being involved in a community can be equally as HEALTHY as the exercises themselves.

You actually don’t even need much equipment. Here’s what you do need





Before moving external loads (kettlebells or dumbbells or odd objects etc..) You’d probably want to stabilize your own body first and be able to move efficiently. This could be thought of as step one. The beautiful thing about Calisthenics is the emphasis on mastering the basics (push ups, pull ups, crawls, squats, lunges etc). When this happens your agility and animal-like control will become heightened. Because even when strength training using only bodyweight, it still requires the body to be in tune with the most subtle of movements.

NOTE: When I say Push ups, Pull ups etc.. understand there are countless variations of these for everybody and all levels of fitness and strength. The most important thing is to select the right place to start and not deceive yourself. If you do this, you are guaranteed to succeed (I will help).

ASK YOURSELF: Could my life benefit if I moved with grace, strength and greater ease? You know the answer - aches and pains would diminish and vitality would increase


Not an isolated drill, calisthenics require what I call Muscle Unity (I discuss this in) The Strength Solution Method. They are movement based drills that require proper alignment, muscular tension and control. In other words - the skeleton, joints & muscles and the brain must all be integrated for maximum efficiency.

ASK YOURSELF: Physically speaking, what will produce a greater benefit? An exercise where I go through the motions with ease or something challenging that demands my full presence. You already know the answer - the harder one.


Since the body adapts to whatever stress/stimulus you expose it to. Progressively doing more challenging variations of calisthenics is a fantastic way to reduce body fat. Think of pull ups, bodyweight squats or crawls for example. Repeatedly exposing your system to movements like this will repel excess weight. Your body wants to become more efficient. So you can literally reduce weight by focussing on moving better, moving more and cleaning up your nutrition habits.

KEY CONCEPT: Your body will adapt to the specific stress you put it through (consciously or unconsciously) This is why proper breathing and positioning throughout your work day is vitally important.

ACTION STEP MOVE MORE. It doesn’t have to be insane effort just more movement throughout your day. In addition to my training, I like moving right in the morning and stretching a bit before bed.