The Spirit Newsletter

Summer Newsletter — 2020


As Covid-19 forced us to socially distance, our recently commissioned Stephen Ministers were just beginning to make contacts with their care receivers. While the program is intended for face-to-face contacts and phone contacts are to be reserved for setting appointments and sharing general information with one another, it became the “new normal” for Stephen Ministry. Our ministers grew and in some cases even initiated their supportive relationships by phone. Far from ideal, but God blessed their work to be a great gift to their care receivers.

Our Stephen Ministers continue to provide great care. Our leader team of Judy Harrie, Kay Stofer, and Pastor Bill continues to be interested in hearing from anyone with questions about or interest in this program. If you or someone you know would be interested in being trained as a Stephen Minister or receiving care from one, please contact us.

Thank you.


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Salvation Army Food Pantry Donations

Periodically throughout the year we as a church body collect food donations for the community food pantry located at the Salvation Army. Common food items collected are canned fruits and vegetables, boxed cereals, pack- aged grains, dried fruits, packaged snacks, paper goods, and hygiene products. Any food donations may be dropped o in the grocery cart by the Gather- ing Area. For any questions please call the church office at 308-382-2973.

Gathering Table

Volunteers will be needed from St. Pauls to serve the Gathering Table meal at the Salvation Army when needed. The next date will be set to be later announced next year. Six to eight individuals, age 10 and up, are needed to do this work. Please con- tact Pastor Bill if interested at 308-370-2055.

St. Pauls Grocery Card Program

If you want cards place an X by the Store below with the number of each denomination. We will contact you to deliver cards and collect the money. We will accept cash or check. No credit or debit cards.

We will also have someone selling cards periodically after services in the gathering area.

NOTE: The church will receive a small portion of the purchase on each card which will be used to reduce the principal on our debt. It is not considered a donation because each card you purchase will have full face value. Once you have possession of the cards you will be responsible if they are lost. Cards are not re- loadable, and should be discarded and new card may be obtained by contacting one of the members that will be selling cards. For any questions you can ask Vicki Madsen at (402)990-8223 or Ron Peterson at (308)-382-3280.

Contact any of the following people to purchase a gift card.

  • Sandy Towne 308-380-9697

  • Jacki Marsh 308-391-2088

  • Diane Honore 308-380-3834

  • Jan Cook 308-390-6430

  • Nancy Chavez 308-227-1829