Congregational Council

Council members are voted on during our Annual Meeting of the Church at the end of January each year. If you are a member of St. Pauls and interested in joining our leadership council, please visit with our Senior Pastor.

2021 Church Council Officers:

  • President: Ron Gunderson

  • Vice President: Mary Reimers

  • Secretary: Molly Holcher

  • Treasurer: Marvin Andersen

2021 Church Council Members:

  • Arden Svoboda

  • Dan Arnold

  • Howard Schumann

  • Isaiah Balcom

  • Jill Steinke

  • Joe Cook

  • Lindsey Moss

  • Marvin Andersen

  • Tom Towne

  • Vicki Madsen

  • Pastor Bill Pavuk

  • Pastor Jeff Pedersen

Cornerstone Early Learning Center

2021 Cornerstone Early Learning Center Board Officers:

  • President: Jeremy Reimers

  • Vice President:

  • Secretary:

  • Treasurer:

2021 Cornerstone Early Learning Center Board of Directors:

  • Evie Laub

  • Jacki Marsh

  • Jan Cook

  • Jeremy Reimers

  • Joni Bostelman,

  • Sandra Towne