The Work of our Hands

Then are they true monastics when they live by the work of their hands . . .

Rule of St Benedict

Preparation for worship

Preparing for worship

Harvest time in the orchard

Harvest time in abbey orchard

Kitchen helpers

Kitchen helpers

Making Incense

Printery -- packing Mass Reading parcels

Mounting Icons

Monk, Alongsider and volunteer at work.

Garden work

Helpers and community erecting the 'Paddock Crib'

The chief work of a monastic is to give our love to God. It is to undertake the journey of moving from self and working for God, to losing our selves in God and working with Him. All our work is an expression of this. It is loving God, and hence loving our neighbour and all of God's people and creation. Prayer is not separate from work but an integral part.

From prayer our work flows and our work flows back into prayer. Our work is a participation in the creative and loving work of God. Through our work we serve one another and God's world. It is our way of participation in the world (through our work we earn the money to sustain the community) and we can experience firsthand the fulfilment, joy, frustrations and difficulties of life in the world.


The care of visitors and guests physical, and spiritual needs before, during and after their stay is a considerable task, but one very much part of a Benedictine Abbey. St Benedict bids us to welcome guests as we would welcome Christ Himself. (See the Hospitality page)

Care of the Garden

The Abbey garden is a place of beauty and prayer. God is worshipped in the midst of his abundant creation and through work in the garden we have a small part in that creative gift. Fruit and vegetables are also grown, and their harvest brings much thanksgiving for God's abundant gifts and the hard work of of the community who work in the garden.

Mounting of Icons

Icon prints are mounted and varnished. The icon prints are sourced from many areas of the world and the finished products sold through our shop and a number of bookshops and churches. For more information about our Icons.

The making of Incense

Incense is handmade from finest quality imported resins and oils. The recipes used are of ancient tradition. The use of incense in worship dates from very early times and its symbolism assists prayer and worship. For more information about Abbey Incense.


Beginning with the quill pen and calligraphic illumination, 'printing' has long been a tradition in monastic life. Our very modern, well equipped printery continues the tradition of disseminating the Scriptures through the production of Sunday Mass Readings to over 100 parishes throughout Australia. (We print readings for both the Common Lectionary, as used with An Australian Prayer Book and the Revised Common Lectionary, as used with A Prayer Book for Australia . Contact us for further details.)

We also print for businesses and individuals, custom cards (parish notelets, bereavement, Thank You, etc.), Service Booklets (Anniversaries, Confirmation, Weddings, Funerals, etc.), flyers -- and lots more!


Cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and all that goes into keeping a household are part of our life and work.