Let all guests be received as Christ . . ."

Rule of St Benedict

Guests have an important role in the life of a monastery and give an extra depth to our life. Bringing with them the society from which they come, guests orientate us to the world which surrounds us and for which we intercede. Through guests we receive Christ into our midst - not a rarefied, pedestalled Christ, but the real, incarnate Christ who shares the life of all humanity.

The monastery seeks to be a place for all people where they can come for refreshment, prayer and recovery of hope. A place where even just for a time, they can lay down the burdens which oppress, or through the silence and stillness, the worship and space, find anew within them the joy and praise of being a child of God. Joining in the worship of the God whom we all seek, we stand before our Creator and redeemer, as the body of Christ.

Sacred Space

St Joseph’s Guest House is an attractive and comfortable house available for those wishing to make a retreat and share in the silence and prayer of this monastic house. The house is set in the midst of spacious gardens with breathtaking views of lake Bullen Merri. Click for more detail on Accommodation

Subiaco -- a new accommodation unit currently being set up in the abbey grounds. This building will be beneficial to those who want more solitude during their stay, for Alongsiders, volunteers or small groups. Those who stay in Subiaco will generally be self-catering. More information to come . . .

Quiet Days

Guests are very welcome to come for a day (or part of a day) for quiet and reflection. Day guests may join the community for the Eucharist and Office, use the Guest House facilities and enjoy the spacious grounds. Day Guests bring their own lunch, (tea & coffee available). A donation to cover costs is requested.

Parish Groups

Groups and their leaders are welcome for days of reflection for example in Lent or Advent. Or, parishioners may wish to come to the abbey for a day pilgrimage. Visiting groups can share the Eucharist, have a time of reflection and enjoy the silence and space of the abbey. They can learn about the life and work of the monks and nuns. Youth groups are particularly encouraged to make a visit.


Casual visitors who may wish to call in are very welcome. Visitors may spend time in church, attend an Office, browse in the shop or enjoy the gardens. Please ring the doorbell and make yourself known to us!