What can be sweeter to us than the voice of our Lord calling us to himself? . . .

Rule of St Benedict

There are different ways of belonging and commitment at St Mark's Abbey. The core community of monks and nuns, committed to God by vows for life is expanded by those who respond to serve God by following the way of St Benedict with or without formal commitment and for varying lengths of time.

Monks & Nuns: The call to monastic life is the initiative of God. Click for more about discernment of vocation to life as a monastic.

Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian people who have associated themselves with a Benedictine Community in order to enrich their Christian way of life. Click to learn more.

Alongsiders are men an women who feel called to share our life for a time without any formal commitment while following the definite structure of the monastic day. Click to learn more.

Volunteers/Long-term guests are those who want to live at the monastery to give support and help to the community through work and prayer. This may be for a week or much longer. If you believe this is for you please get in touch.

Download Community Brochure below:

Community Brochure.pdf