Grade 5 Theory: Section 4

Section 4: Question 5

You can find the practice paper I am going through here. We are looking at paper A.

Grade 5 Music Theory Practice Papers.pdf

I'll be referring to the keyboard a lot, so here is one!

Question 5

This section might seem short, but you really need to understand key signatures. Check out our #Keysignatures page


  • Bass clef
  • Key signatures
  • The Harmonic Minor Scales


  • Start by drawing out the seven semi-breves you need to create a scale. One on each line/space evenly spread apart - make sure they are neatly drawn with a pencil.
  • Work out the tonic/first note. For this example we need the Bass clef.

(Personally, I remember the spaces on Bass clef as All Cows Eat Grass and the spaces as Great Big Dogs Fart Ants (mostly because it makes me giggle).)

What note does 5a start on?


  • Work out the key signature so you know what accidentals to add in, and draw these IN FRONT of the correct note.
  • This example is asking for the harmonic minor so you must also sharpen the 7th note of the scale (again, see the Key signatures page for more info)


  • Work out the Key signatures for Ab Major
  • Write it at the start NEATLY with the flats in the correct positions and order
  • Draw in a scale of semi-breves starting on A and finishing on A!


Finished? Want the answers? Want more explanation?

Watch this video for question 5.

Watch this video for question 6.