Music Tech

Year 12 Summer Task

There are two tasks to be completed over the summer break. Any saved work should be saved to a new memory stick that you can bring with you to the first lesson in September.

Task 1: Practical Task – Mixing

Summer Task 1 – Mixing

You will require a copy of Cubase Elements to complete this task. A 30 day trial version is available for free here. There is no requirement for you to purchase the software.

You can find tutorials on Youtube which show how to use Cubase. You can also find help and a user manual here.

For the task instructions please see the Summer Task 1 – Mixing below

Files for Task 1: Click on the link and click the download arrow at the top right of the page


synth riff.wav


chords example.wav

vocal main.wav

vocal end.wav

Summer Task 1 - Mixing (1).docx

Task 2: Music Technology Vocabulary

Summer Work Vocab

Complete the vocabulary list with a simple explanation for each of the key terms that you will need during the course. You will find definitions for these terms on the internet.

Please print a copy of your definitions and bring it with you to the first lesson.