Further Listening: The Waltz

Music and dancing have been intrinsically linked for as long as we know. Some dances have been more successful than others and many have influenced classical music. There are hundreds of different dance styles, but we are going to cover a few which can be traced in classical music as well as more popular styles.

Over the next few lessons we will cover the following dances:

The purpose of covering these styles is to both help you with your composition, further develop your understanding of the WCT and develop your music knowledge.

Lesson 1: The Waltz

The worksheet for this lesson is here:

Worksheet: Out of My Dreams


Find out the answers to the following Questions:

  1. Where did the Waltz originate?
  2. When did it originate?
  3. What is the accompaniment style called from the picture below?
  4. Who was the "Waltz King"
  5. What are the main features which typify a Waltz?

CHALLENGE 2: Listening

Listen to this track from Oklahoma!

Complete the listening found the worksheet for the lesson

Oklahoma The Original London Cast (1998) - Out Of My Dreams.mp3

Rodgers: Out Of My Dreams from Oklahoma!

CHALLENGE 3: Inspiration for Composition

Listen to each of these Waltzes.

Complete this sheet here about how these pieces might inspire you.

Further Listening: Dances: The Waltz

*Bonus gold stars if you can name the rhythmic device used in the Tchaikovsky at 0:58.*


Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty


Sondheim: The Last Midnight from Into the Woods

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2.mp3

Shostakovitch: Waltz No 2


Learn to Waltz!

Find a friendly family member and use this video link to learn to Waltz. Video evidence definitely required please. Many reward points and chocolate to be received for entries