Always Striving to Improve

At Stanborough we always strive to provide the best education for our students. In the Music department this includes enabling students to be exposed to and be able to experience using a wide range of excellent Musical resources, from Instruments to sheet Music.

We are very proud to say that every time we put on a Music Concert at Stanborough we often raise £400+ in donations, all of which gets ploughed back into improving the Music provision and some to the Sound and Light Team. In 2018/2019 over seven concerts we raised over £2000.

What do you spend all that money on?

The Sound and Light Team organise and run all the lighting, microphones, backing tracks, stage management, moving of stands and instruments during concerts. Without them we could not put on a slick concert. In recent years they have bought new stage lights, hired professional Theatre Technicians to teach Sound and Light design and bought new speakers for the Hall.

The Music department has been able to buy electric drum kits for our practice rooms, trumpets, saxophones, new guitars, upgrades to professional standard Composing software (Cubase), Stage amps, microphones, drumsticks and reams of Sheet Music to name but a few.

Without the money we will be limited on how we can improve the resources for the coming year and indeed keep on top of repairs such as to guitar strings, jack cables and the like. Our plans for kitting out our new build department are looking difficult.

How can I help?


If you enjoyed our Virtual Concert today, and feel able, we would love you to donate what you can to our Music department. The money will be well used and we will write to you to let you know what we have been able to purchase.

Click on the donate now button to take you to WisePay to make a donation.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

As with every year, we have some amazing students who are leaving us this year.

Hayden is a phenomenal singer and performer and our Deputy Head Boy. He has been a member of STAGS and our Senior Choir, and taken part in nearly every school show right from Year 7, taking the lead on two occasions. He will be greatly missed, especially by the tight group of friends who do the shows. As a member of Ashridge House, he has been part of some of the most amazing performances in House Music in the last few years, and they will be at a loss without him. Hayden had an audition for Hamiliton earlier this year and has a place at ArtsEd next year to study Musical Theatre. We wish him every luck in the world and hope to see him on stage professionally very soon.

Sophie has worked really hard to become to musician we see today. She plays both the piano and flute to an excellent standard, having taken up the flute as part of our Traditional Instrument Scheme when she was in year 7. I remember her playing 'Thank you for the Music' in Miss Monaghan's training orchestra! She has been playing in Concert Orchestra and in our Flute Group as well as being a member of our choirs for many years. We are proud to say she intends to study Music at University, for which we wish her all the best of luck.

Kat has been an impressive musician right from the start of Year 7. In her first concert she sang with a self composed song with Alina while sat at the piano. This love of composition has never faded and she intends to continue with this at University. She is a wonderful Cello player and singer and has been a member of our Choirs, Orchestra and lead our Year 7 Ukulele Group. All the best Kat!

Tom is a phenomenal drummer and fantastic trombone player. Since Year 8 he has been our drummer for every school production, always playing to an amazing standard. He has also taken professional gigs as a pit player in theatres including in an award winning Musical. He has played in our Orchestra and we have We wish Tom all the best with his further studies into Physics or Engineering.

It was clear from very early on that Justine had the potential for an amazing singing voice. She has worked really hard over the years to hone her skills, both in this and in her acting. She has been in every show since Year 8, gradually growing in confidence. She was terrifying as Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof, a delight as the lead Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls and Mum in Our House and in Legally Blonde she was absolutely hilarious and show stealing as Lynette. We will miss her performances with Ashridge and wish her all the best in the future.

Daniel and Behram (foolishly) didn't choose to continue studying Music after GCSE, but I have always been amazed at their talent, hard work and contribution to the Music Department. Both have been long term members of our Boys Acapella choir STAGS and of our Senior Choir. I delighted in Behram's phenominal perfect pitch. The drama in Daniel's performances have brought me to tears on many occassions. I hope they continue to sing for many years to come.

A huge thank you to all the students and staff who contributed to the making of this concert and to the Musical Life of our school.

This virtual concert would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of David Chisholm and Richard Jackson, to whom we are indebted for their generous donation of time and expert skill.