Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency

The Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency Program is one of the first Family Medicine Residency Programs to be accredited and established in Michigan and the United States. We are accredited by the ACGME and have earned osteopathic recognition though them. We merge the clinical perspectives and resources of a major community teaching hospital with the academic perspectives and resources of the Department of Family Medicine at Michigan State University. This blends traditional curriculum structure with longitudinal training themes. Within this context, the center of all activities reside in the Family Health Center Offices (FHC).

The Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency Program provides cutting edge, premier Family Medicine training for 30 residents each year. Our Family Medicine residents are highly respected, and play a critical role in improving the health status of the people of Mid-Michigan. Our physicians find that, Lansing is not only a desirable location for training but also for future practice destination. Of the 450 total graduates, 75 physicians have chosen to stay in the community and practice in the greater Lansing area. More than 50 percent of Sparrow’s Family Medicine Department graduated from either our combined or parent programs.

Each resident is assigned their own panel of patients that they will follow over the course of three years of residency training, maintaining continuity in the care that is provided in both ambulatory and inpatient medical needs. Sparrow provides an environment that is conducive to learning. We have seasoned board-certified physicians, committed to meeting or exceeding resident's personal goals, and ready to provide them with “real world” experiences. This enables our residents to become competent, compassionate, respected full-spectrum family physicians.

We have 10 spots per year for new residents and we typically take a 50/50 mix of osteopathic and allopathic graduates.

We hope that the information found here provides a window on the exciting medical education program that we sponsor. The view we’ll provide is that of an innovative, well-established, community-based, dually accredited program designed to allow new physicians to become the kind of doctor they want to be.

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