Steampunk November 2018

Thank you for your interest in being a Volunteer for Steampunk November! We are making a few changes this year to help better manage the Volunteer Guild's part of our rapidly growing event. These changes will allow our Guild members to have a broader choice of how they want to be involved.

The biggest change is that we are creating Volunteer TEAMS to:

    • To manage different areas of the event more effectively
    • To distribute leadership duties
    • To provide training for the individual areas
    • And to allow Teams to:
        • function collectively to insure all areas are covered
        • determine priorities for tasks
        • assign the best Team Member to each task
        • allow the Team to prep their physical location(s) and supplies

There will still be the option of being a FLOATER (not assigned to a specific Team)

Here’s how our SN2018 Volunteer process works:


      • Part 1 - Initial Registration; including:
          • your name and contact info
          • preliminary information on where you want to volunteer

      • WAIT! ... Part 2 will not be available until the official event schedule has been finalized and posted

      • Part 2 - Volunteer Assignment SURVEY
          • indicate shift preferences
          • indicate task preferences

Here’s EXACTLY what you need to do:


      • READ! Use the dropdown at the top of this page to access each of the follow:
          • Volunteer TEAMS
          • Volunteer LEVELS
          • Orientation/Training Day
          • Rules and Perks

You will need to read the info listed above to be able to complete your registration.

      • Complete the Volunteer Registration PART 1


        • you will be emailed the link to the Volunteer Registration PART 2 later
        • yes LATER; the email will only go out once the event schedule has been posted
        • the link to PART 2 of the Volunteer Registration will also be posted on the Steampunk November Volunteer Guild page on facebook


      • Complete the Volunteer Registration PART 2; which includes indicating your shift and Team/assignment preferences


      • ATTEND Volunteer Orientation/Training Day
      • (FLOATERS may but do not have to attend.)


The days of the event:

    • Sign in at Volunteer HQ and pick up your event pass
    • Check in with your Team Lead
    • Work your assigned shifts/tasks
    • HAVE FUN!

We know it is a lot to read but it contains information you will need to know. By giving you this information ahead of time we hope to keep the General Information section of the Orientation/Training Day as short as possible. If you have any questions please email Bixby, our Volunteer Coordinator, at: