Past Projects

Below is a listing of some of the past projects that SMARTCO was responsible for providing services/solutions to end users:

  • Provided Win XP, Win 7 and Windows 10 computers for the Computer Lab, Classrooms, Teachers, and administrative personnel at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Solomons, MD. This also included projects, monitors, keyboard, mics, speakers network equipment, wireless APs, cabling, and A/V equipment.

  • Provided used A/V equipment to churches up in Prince George's county to provide broadcasting of services to shut-ins and broadcasting to local public access stations.

  • Provided desktop computers for startup schools in Philippines along with projectors, network equipment, software, and other teaching aids.

Letters of Support:

" I am personally familiar with the excellent work performed by this large group of volunteers and believe it's a shining example of a community organization leveraging the significant investment made in our community by the federal government. ............The thousands of hours from SMARTCO volunteers have enabled thousands more students in Southern Maryland schools to learn computer skills while allowing local schools to use precious resources to purchase other needed equipment." ........ Congressmen Steny H. Hoyer

"I have had the pleasure of working with the volunteers associated with SMARTCO for many years and have seen first-hand their commitment to providing quality educational opportunities to the students in my district. ....... The computers SMARTCO volunteers rescue from disposal by the federal government help defray costs that schools would otherwise have to incur. This allows our schools to spend money on other valuable learning tools instead of computers. ........To me, this is an excellent example of the private sector pitching in to both help our students learn while saving the state money at the same time. ..... I strongly support SMARTCO's invaluable efforts and energies in making this program so successful." ..... Senator Roy Dyson

"This is a letter of support for SMARTCO and their volunteers for all the good things they have done for the students of St. Mary's County Public Schools. Over the past several years, they have provided many refurbished computer systems and monitors. Several of the county schools have computer labs with 30 networked machines that were provided by SMARTCO. The education of the students in those schools has greatly benefited by having more access to technology. The machines provided by SMARTCO have been used by our technology repair classes to give them a hands-on learning experience. Because of the volunteer efforts of SMARTCO, the educational process has been improved and the students have directly benefited." ....... Patricia M. Richardson, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools

"On behalf of the Special Education Department, Programs and Services Office, I thank you for the computer equipment that has been donated to us over the past few months. This equipment is greatly appreciated by the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy staff and has been put to good use." ....... Sue B. Cobb, PT Instructional Specialist, Physical Therapy

"Thank you for your organization's support of educational activities in southern Maryland. SMARTCO, represented by Mr. Ronald Ciecka, has assisted our school obtain Information Technology resources on several occasions over the past few years. ......Your Organization's provision of Personal Computers, Displays, printers and other Information Technology assets to our school has significantly improved our school's ability to teach our students to use technology to their educational advantage. We now have a computer laboratory capable of accommodating twelve students at a time. Additionally, each of our classrooms is equipped with several computers. .....Our school, which is a small private day school, would not have been able to outfit the laboratory and classrooms as they currently exist without the assistance of Mr. Ciecka and your organization. .....Thanks again!" ....... Sarah Patterson, Administrator Lexington Park Christian School

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for providing support for educational activities in southern Maryland. SMARTCO, represented by Mr. Ronald Ciecka and Mrs. Agnes Birch, has assisted our school in obtaining computers, printers and software over the last several years. ...By receiving this technology, we have been able to improve our school's ability to teach our students to use technology to their educational advantage. All of our classrooms are now equipped with computers. This gives our teachers the chance to integrate technology throughout the curriculum. ....Our school is a small Catholic school would not have been able to afford such technology without the help of your organization. Thank you again for all the wonderful work you do for the students of St. Mary's County." ...... Mrs. Susan Fatka, Principal Little Flower School

"On behalf of the students and staff at Tomas Pullen Arts Magnet School I would like to thank you for the computers that have been donated over the last few months. They are greatly appreciated by all of us and will be put to good use." ...... Kathy Kurtz, Principal K-8 Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School at Tomas G. Pullen

"On behalf of our school I would like to thank you for the donation of Macintosh computers over the last several months. The computers are appreciated by the students and staff and used on a daily basis. Teachers who would have been without machines, have computers available to them, thanks to your efforts. At long last, several class rooms have computers available for student usage in sufficient numbers so that whenever a child needs access to a machine, one is ready for use. ...... I look forward to maintaining our connection with your company to enable other staff members to enhance their instructional program with additional computers." ....... Carla Shoap, Acting Principal Owen's Road Elementary School

"Since February 1999 SMARTCO has been a vital asset to our program in the Youth Service Corps. Your program has enabled us to grow and become more responsible and dedicated to recognizing an opportunity to learn and grow with technology. ..... Substance Abuse is a major problem in HotSpot areas, also everywhere else. Your program has assisted us in keeping our youth substance free. The Youth Service Corps has had 22 youth's successfully complete 440 hours of community service time at SMARTCO, which enabled these youths to take home a personal computer. They are excited! .........Thank you SMARTCO for your hard work and leadership with these youth." .......... Coach Wendell YSC Coordinator

"The SMARTCO organization has given the youth at the Teen Center many opportunities to enhance their learning abilities through the donation of their computers to our center. Without programs such as the one you run, the children's computer literacy would be limited and heading towards the new Millennium. It's imperative that they have the exposure and opportunity to learn both software and hardware. Thanks for the thought you gave to us in making us a part of your plan from the beginning." ........ M.Tyrone Harris Spcial Facility Coordinator

"I am submitting this letter to acknowledge Alternatives for Youth, Inc.'s appreciation to Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc. (SMARTCO). Alternatives for Youth, Inc. is a nonprofit community-based organization that provides an array of mental health services to children and families in southern Maryland. As a nonprofit entity, we have continuous constraints on our budget, and as a result, we are not always afforded the usual business and household luxuries, such as computer equipment. .... During the past year, we were contacted by SMARTCO, who inquired about our needs for computer equipment. We immediately accepted their offer, and were very pleased with their contributions. The staff at SMARTCO not only donated two computer systems to our group home, but also took the time to teach computer skills and repair to our clients. Needless to say, these computers are highly utilized and valued by our clients and having access to them for school work and games is very productive for them. ....... Finally, it is very rewarding for organizations such as AFY to receive support from corporations such as SMARTCO. The recognition and assistance provided by SMARTCO contribute to the value we place on our program in the southern Maryland community." ......... Jim Galus, MA Program Director

"On behalf of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maryland, Inc., we enthusiastically support the efforts of SMARTCO in our community. We have partnered with SMARTCO for several years. They have donated computers and parts, as well as helped to upgrade several old and ailing computers in our offices. This allows us to spend valuable staff time working with our youth and families instead of losing time working on equipment. ....... Much more important, many of our youth have enjoyed hours of friendship, supervision and training with adult volunteers who help them in a valuable community service activity. Many of these at-risk youth are on the Waiting List to be matched to Big Brothers because they lack a caring adult role model in their lives. These are kids who are at great risk of dropping out of school, or using drugs and alcohol. For those interested in computers, SMARTCO provides a wonderful alternative to "hanging out" or getting into trouble. Our boys have learned a great deal about computers and benefited from exposure to caring adult men and women with similar interests. Many have logged hours of time helping to prepare the computers for schools, and therefore benefit by seeing the direct results of their efforts. ...... Please continue to support the valuable efforts of the SMARTCO program in our community." ........ Elizabeth M. Flynn Executive Director

"I want to thank you on behalf of all 13 Head Starts in the tri-county area from Souther Maryland Tri-County Action Committee, Inc. We badly needed computers for our offices and for the children to use. Even the parents of the children are learning to use the computers. We have enjoyed helping out at SMARTCO and at the same time, learning how computers work. ........ Thank you again for the wonderful service you are providing to our communities." .......... A. Gail Whitney, Center Manager/Family Service Provider Holland Forrest Head Start