The Past

SMARTCO was formed in 1995 as an organization of talented, smart individuals willing to devote their time to solving problems. This organization in it's heyday, was responsible for providing solutions to growing traffic problems between Charles county and Washington DC traffic by providing a remote telecommuting center in Waldorf, MD and also providing software solutions to county schools to allow for student records to be easily transferred from one school district to another.

Eventually SMARTCO was given the opportunity to recycle used electronics from government organizations and other contributors such as SMECO, Wyle, Mill Corporation, BAE systems, etc. SMARTCO took on the role of finding a solution to this e-waste situation that was starting to develop in the 90s. By working with local schools and non-profit organizations SMARTCO was able to find new homes for used electronics and properly dispose of any additional waste material to 3rd party contractors.

The Present and Future

Today, SMARTCO continues to provide e-waste solutions for corporations and consumers in the southern Maryland area. Remember, before you throw out that old DVD player, laptop, network router, cables, stereo, VCR, that you first call us! We might just have a use for that item or know someone or some organizations that could use it! Keep our landfills e-waste free!

As electronics get smaller and smaller, the e-waste problem may no longer be as a "bulky" problem as it was years ago, but now that electronics are getting cheaper to produce, they are not lasting nearly as long as equipment made years ago. Because of this, it's not the size of the components that are the issue anymore, but the shear quantity of them. As long as e-waste exists in the world, we plan to continue providing our services for all so that our environment can be as green as possible and new homes can be found for these used pieces of electronics!