How can you contribute to help the mission of SMARTCO?

Donate Equipment:

This is the lifeblood of the SMARTCO organization. Without these vital used components we can not provide our services to our intended audience (nor can we pay the electric bill!). Below is a listing of items that we currently accept:

  • Computers and pheriphials (keyboard, mice, speakers, cables)
  • LCD/Plasma Monitors/Televisions
  • CRT Monitors/Televisions (aka Glass Monitors) - Please call in advance before sending CRT monitors to us.
  • Stereo Equipment
  • VCRs / DVD Players and other A/V Equipment
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Network Equipment
  • Cables/Wire
  • Test Equipment

(If your item is not listed on this list, please call to confirm if we take it. We are not responsible for accepting anything we can not re-use or safely dispose of!)

Donate Time:

Being an organization, people willing to help and support us ARE SMARTCO. Without your support and talent, we can not accomplish our mission. We are looking for people to perform the following services for us:

  • Equipment dismantlement
  • Computer Assemblers
  • Equipment testing
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Facility Cleaning
  • Grant writers / Finance seekers (desperately needed!)
  • Equipment repairs
  • Printer repairs
  • Computer OS troubleshooting
  • Finances
  • Group leaders

Donate Money:

Being a non-profit organization, finances are always tricky and we still need to pay rent, electric, water and sewage bills every month. With this being said we are always looking for donations from worthy donators willing to help our cause. Please call us today if you wish to make such a generous gesture to help use with our cause.