Frequently asked Questions

Below is a listing of some of the frequently asked questions regarding SMARTCO. We hope one of these may answer one or more of your questions:

Why is it when I swing by SMARTCO nobody is there sometimes?

Since we moved from our last location, SMARTCO no longer has a storefront presence. Because of this, we do not have the facility nor the personnel to man such a 9 to 5 presence to the public. This is why we ask over and over again that individuals ALWAYS call in advance (the day of) before arriving at our facility to ensure someone is there. We only have one staff member that is normally at the SMARTCO location between Monday and Friday. However, since we do not have any other full-time staff members, we can not guarantee that someone will be at the SMARTCO location if our full-time member is sick or called away for personal matter.

When I drive up to SMARTCO, the door is locked. The building looks deserted. What's going on?

Unfortunately, we lost our location over in the Plaza up the street. We had a location in a strip mall with storefront presence. Since we no longer have that location, the location we are currently at is the best we can do. The building is in need of serious repair and lacks basic facilities dictated by the county occupancy department for customers. We are located in this facility for the time being. However, due to limited staff (see question above) we can not be at the facility every day of the week. If you know a carpenter or electrician that is willing to donate some of their time, please give us a call!

I sent an email but haven't gotten a reply back yet. What gives?

The website is managed by a volunteer that has a full-time job with another company. That individual tries to be at SMARTCO normally once or twice a week in the evenings to get caught up on emails. We try to ensure we return your emails as soon as possible. Please be patient or if you are not getting an answer quick enough, please call us and speak to a representative or leave us a voicemail.

Do you guys fix electronics?

SMARTCO will normally only fix computer systems and laptops. We do not advertise any electronic component repairs. This includes TVs, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, intercoms, satellites, radios, or other house hold/business electronics.

I called SMARTCO and left a message but I have not heard back.

We do apologize for your frustration. Unfortunately we only have one full-time staff member, and that individual has to answer the phone, fix repairs, do the recycling, and manage other recycling volunteers. Because of this, sometimes calls can get lost. We ask that you please try to call back and speak with a representative or drop us an email.

Do you guys stock parts/equipment?

SMARTCO's inventory is whatever is donated to us. Therefore we do NOT stock parts or equipment. It is strictly as items come in. If we get enough of something (like PC monitors, cables, amplifiers, PCs) then we try to keep as many on hand as we can. But once that supply is up... it's a matter of waiting till more such equipment arrives.

I bought something from you at a Ham Radio Festival or directly from SMARTCO but I am missing a part. Do you have it?

Sadly, most of the time the answer to this question is no. But it does depend on the circumstance. Again, our supply is strictly what is donated to us. Sometimes we don't get all the parts for a system and therefore it is up to the customer to supply the rest. Other times we don't have the part now, but we may get it three years from now. This typically happens when business are clearing out their warehouses and the parts for a system are scattered in the building and we don't get the missing piece to several years later when that company gets around to giving us those recycled parts.

I bought something from you at a Ham Radio Festival or directly from SMARTCO but the item isn't working. Can I return it?

This depends on the situation. If you bough a computer system from us, we have a 10 day replacement process where we will swap it out for another one. If you bought something from us at a Hamfestival, the answer will vary but the general answer is you can return the item (this IS required) for store credit. We DO NOT do cash reimbursements. We apologize as items come in so frequently that it is hard to test every item thoroughly to ensure it will meet your needs.