Archive News Entries

On this page you will find archived news entries that were originally on the main home page. This is to prevent clutter on our main page.

8/1/19 - SMARTCO will be attending the Berryville Hamfest this Sunday on 8/4/19 in Berryville, VA. We will be in the ARTS AND CRAFTS building. See you then!

6/11/19 - Sorry for this late notice, but SMARTCO will be present at the Manassas Hamfest on June 15, 2019. Because we didn't reserve an indoor table early enough, we will be outside tailgating. Hopefully it will not be too hot that day. See you then!

5/26/19 - Wow, another long time since a post! We were at the Hamfest at Howard County Fairgrounds today and thank you to everyone who purchased from us! Your purchases go a long way to help keeping us open! Not sure which Hamfest we will be going to next. Once we know, we will post here. See you soon!

3/21/19 - Been quite a while since we had a new post! SMARTCO will be at the Vienna Wireless Society WINTERFEST this weekend on 3/24/19 at the Northern Virginia Community College. Hope to see you there!

12/4/18 - We still have plans to be at the Cheltenham, MD Hamfest this Saturday. However, don't just wait till then, drop us an email! We may have something of interest for you. We just got a bunch of used 80 and 100 watt mono amplifiers with 70v outputs, also some document cameras, Extron composite video/stereo audio switchers and some LCD projectors. Some of these items will be at the hamfest on Saturday!

10/22/18 - Been awhile since we had an update here. We were able to raise quite a bit of profits for SMARTCO at the Hollywood Firehouse Hamfest and the West Friendship Hamfest. We plan to be at the Cheltenham, MD Hamfest on Dec 8th.

8/25/18 - Unfortunately the turnout today was very poor. Because of this, SMARTCO will no longer be attending flea/market yard sales at Calvert County Fairgrounds. We will be focusing our attention on HAM RADIO Festivals instead. We will let you know which ones we will be attending in the near future.

8/24/18 - We will be at the Calvert County fairgrounds tomorrow 8/25/18 around 7am. Hope to see you there!

8/10/18 - Since the weather will not be looking too friendly tomorrow, we will NOT be at the Calvert County fairgrounds on the 11th. If the weather is nice, we will be there on August 25th.

8/5/18 - Today were were at the Berryville, VA Ham Radio Festival and we made quite a bit in sales! Thank you to everyone who purchased items from our tent! Your contributions help keep our facility running (i.e. bills) so that we can continue with our mission!

7/28/18 - Today was our first yard sale at Calvert County fairgrounds. We sold a few pieces of audio equipment. We hope to show up at Calvert County Fairgrounds again on August 11. See you soon!

7/28/18 - WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER! Please do NOT throw your used electronics in the trash! Bring them to SMARTCO and we will try to find a use for it, or properly dispose of it for you!