Intro Letter

Dear visitor,

Designed by my husband, Jason Young, PGDE, (winner of a Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Award, for Outstanding Teacher, 2016). Our multi-lingual learning centre has become a popular, vibrant, boutique, international community-of-learning.

With, a brand new 250m2 purpose-built all-weather sports play zone; the Montessori 'house' environment; beautiful fresh breezy balcony views; a very creative energy flow; and all conveniently set in the beautiful rural surroundings of Buwit. Our expanding community love spending time in, and around the centre.

However, the COVID19 crisis has seen the need for us to evolve further. And we have now expanded into a fully integrated learning ecosystem; combining digitally, blended classrooms with premium on-site learning facilities. Brought together by our excellent teaching faculty.

Gold standard learning facilities Include;

  • Lovingly curated paper-based and e-book library of tried and tested expertly written and researched educational published titles 🐧

  • Award-winning digital learning platforms πŸ¦‰

  • Suite of Chromebook laptops πŸͺ‚

  • Suite of smart/DVD/TVs πŸ‘€

  • Free Wi-fi πŸ“

  • CCTV βœ”

  • Well ventilated (AC/fan) and cool learning spaces 😍

  • 24-hour security ❀

  • 250m2 purpose-built all-weather play zone πŸ’š

  • Small on-site swim pool πŸ—Ώ

  • G-Suite training for seniors 🏡

  • Busy extracurricular programme 🏯

  • Teacher training 🧠

And much more...

The distance learning facility is currently offered completely free - to all members

This allows families flexibility to learn remotely and travel while enjoying peace of mind, knowing that if they need to change plans and/or pivot in an increasingly globalised economy. Their child(ren)'s education will not be disrupted and/or compromised, in any way. Children can continue to achieve their learning objectives, via our fantastic DLP - providing the gold standard English National Curriculum, from anywhere in the world.

We are really excited to spend time with families who share our lifelong learning philosophy and look forward to taking this learning journey with you. Our success is your success! See our FAQs page to find out more.

Warm regards,

Sri Nurchyanti,
Head of Centre

β€œYou must be shapeless, formless, like water... Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” - Bruce Lee

This is the team on the last day we were allowed to open without self-isolation restrictions