Admission & Enrolment Process

During certain peak months of the year, we do get full. When this happens, we may ask you to join a waiting list, once you have successfully completed your on-site trial-day.

See our latest calendar here 2020 - 2021

Booking from Abroad

If you are booking from abroad - we can offer you the option of paying a semi-refundable deposit of Rp 2.5 million, which guarantees your child's trial-day - on a priority basis.

If, the trail is successful we will put the deposit toward the full registration fee (so no extra cost). If the trial day is not successful then we will refund 50%, minus any associated fees with the trial day.

When you register as a member, you are agreeing to all the House rules and policies. As well as to an annual fee, according to your payment plan, with extra's invoiced monthly. In return, we provide 182 active school days per year and 365 active distance learning programme days per year.

Skywalker House recommends Our Year in Bali’s relocation service for assisting families moving to Bali. Move to Bali consulting packages cover all the practicalities including visas, renting a villa, living costs and budgeting, insurance, living guide, and contacts such as the best doctors and dentists, relocation specialist and lots more.

Steps to full membership

  1. Arrange a visit
    (if possible); with or without your child; to discuss your child’s educational background and the learning culture at Skywalker House

  2. Arrange a trial day;
    to immerse your child in the learning environment and sample the community values

  3. Submit
    Admission & Enrolment Form with Terms & Conditions; provided via an online form, requiring full disclosure of health and educational background

  4. Upon successful completion of the trial day:
    you will receive a Formal Letter of Invitation; with starting invoice, subject to verification of details provided in Admission & Enrolment Form with Terms & Conditions (we may require a recommendation letter)

  5. Confirmation of payment;
    via sent receipt for fees incl.

    • The First Month + Registration Fee + Learning Resources Fee (all at a 1-month pro-rata calculation) + any extra's

    • All extra curricula programmes are FREE for the first month

  6. After the first month confidence test;
    parents can choose a payment plan: Semester or Yearly.

Please review the pdf below showing pages:

  1. Rate card

  2. Extra-curricular programme

  3. Excursion programme