Why should families consider Skywalker House learning programmes?

First and foremost, as a family - we feel extremely privileged to be part of this highly-effective multilingual community of learning. As the principal teachers, we feel there are three main benchmarks for success, that we as international parents can agree upon and aspire to;

  1. Do the children, staff, and teachers go to, and, come from school happy and inspired? ✔

  2. Are the children, staff and teachers - being creative, feeling motivated and reaching their learning goals? ✔

  3. Is it evidenced by international standard learning development? ✔

If the answer is yes to all three, then this is a successful learning environment, and nothing breeds success - like success!

What are your teaching qualifications and backgrounds?

How about the other teachers?

We are all advocates of the Lifelong Learning philosophy, viewing life itself, as an opportunity for further learning. This is reflected throughout the culture of the centre and hiring within. We have a strong faculty team of teachers from professional teaching backgrounds.

Sri started working in private childcare and learning support in Jakarta, 2012-2014. Mentoring a child at the British International School (BIS). She has been the principal teacher and head of the Montessori preschool program at the House, since 2017; enjoying a remarkable 100% literacy learning achievement rate. Luckily, she is also a fantastic math teacher!

When did you start the centre and why?

We believe role modelling creativity and leadership is the key to good parenting and teaching. Something we just didn't see enough of, in the other two schools in Bali, that we tried.

So my wife Sri, and I, started the House in response to the lack of alternative good and affordable international standard education, in September 2017. Since then, the parents' feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Is this a good place for my academically-gifted-child?

As well as being an innovative and holistic learning environment - we have an excellent academic record. With 100% of our members reaching their learning goals (according to the EYE and Primary Key Stages of the English national curriculum) at the end of a minimum of 12-18 months study.

Is this a good place for my not-so-academically-gifted-child?

Yes! All our children learn at their own individual pace. We teach the curriculum the way it was designed - progressively and developmentally scaffolded. This builds confidence and trust, so we never have to hold anyone back or push anyone forward. We nurture a strong culture of honesty and reflection; using 3-way feedback; inquiry-based learning; shared goal setting; and positive learning culture where there are no 'mistakes' - just further opportunities for learning.

What computer learning and technologies do you offer?

We have a suite of Chromebooks and we have a thriving Coding for Kids extra-curricular programme which explores programming with apps, and tools e.g. MIT's Scratch and Berkley's Snap. We also, teach the fundamentals of responsibility and respect for all digital tools.

Why do you use a mixed methodology learning strategy?

As a fully qualified professional practitioner, and cat. 2 trained IB (International Baccalaureate) Subject Co-coordinator, I apply the full range of experience and expertise at my disposal, to my learning approaches.

The IB teaching concepts are particularly prominent to many of our learning and teacher training. And whilst we are 100% committed to the delivery of the English national curriculum to an international standard, we wouldn't want our doctors to limit themselves to any single methodology, brand or strategy.

We don't believe that teachers and schools should be limited either. We want our doctors to have access to the world's best research-based medicines and treatments. And our teachers and schools too.

That is why we creatively apply a mixture of Montessori approaches for the preschool, and primary programmes. Some of our innovative methods and strategies include Mastery learning and Imaginative Inquiry, which is used mostly today by Silicon Valley companies; as well as non-academic (which we call the da Vinci Programme), which is more practical based and STEM subject focused.

This provides our parents with clarity and our teachers and members with much-needed flexibility - in an ever fast-changing world. It also helps us apply a best-fit approach to the child.

Are you a 'proper' Montessori?

Yes, we are a fully registered practising Montessori - teaching our Pre-school programme using exclusive Montessori approaches. So, if you are you looking for a pre-school that exclusively uses the Montessori method, then you have found it. If you are looking for an elitist marketing brand to identify with. Then you have also found it, for a fraction of the cost of some schools.

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

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What is a learning eco-system?

A learning ecosystem, is a community of students, teachers & parents, who in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, are interacting as a system. These biotic and abiotic components are linked together through complimentary integrated and blended learning content. Learning progress, using these content delivery methods, is nurtured with feedback, assessment and support; all creating self sustaining energy flows.

All of the students who successfully complete and submit assignments receive Mastery Points. At the end of the year, we give prizes and awards to the students with the most Mastery Points.