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Skywalker ACADEMY is Currently not running Distance Learning Programmes

Including original exclusive learning content, made by our award winning teachers - for your pleasure and benefit.

A distance learning facility has always made a lot of sense for our international membership, and was a big part of the plan from the start. However, due to the centre's rapid growth upon opening in Sep. 2017, we didn't have the chance to undertake the project - knowing full well that it had to be of international standard and premium quality.


We support global measures to contain the spread of COVID 19, up to a point. Therefore it has become a case of necessity being the mother of all creation. And like it or not, we find ourselves with both the time and the motivation, to finally make it happen. Both for our own family, and the many students and parents, who have been our part of our amazing learning journey so far.

World class published paper and e-book library resources

We provide paper-based and e-book learning packs, containing the best of our tried and tested published educational materials, sourced from all over the world.

World class fully integrated online platforms

We provide the best online learning platforms, content, with diagnostic and analytic learning reports - fully integrated into our formalised assessment system.

World class teacher driven project based content & support

Our teachers provide support, and send a blend of complimentary project based learning content, exemplars and feedback. Facilitating blended classrooms.

English National Curriculum

The Gold Standard

Being the mother curriculum of Cambridge, and all the native English speaking countries worldwide. It is perhaps no surprise to hear that it is the gold-standard of all the comprehensively research-based and progressively scaffolded curriculums. It brilliantly enables rigorous step-by-step developmental progress. having worked with many curriculums, including IB & Cambridge, and in my view, the English National Curriculum is by far the most balanced and well designed.

Google Classroom

Fully integrated blended classrooms with world class content and support


Complete English and Maths curriculum with diagnostic and analytical reports

G Suite

Fully compatible and complimentary suite of powerful learning tools

Whats App

7-day a week teacher support, chat, class-groups, sharing


Live classroom feeds and conferences


Original video content, playlists, and more