Mrs. Lewis

Stevens High School

4215 Raider Road

Rapid City, SD 57702

Stevens Main Line: 605-394-4051


Welcome to the class website where you can find assignments, due dates, study guides, resources and more.

You will be required to check the class website every day for daily assignments, tests, assessment requirements & due dates.

Keep in mind that due dates may change and checking the class website often is the best and easiest way to stay up-to-date.

I have a strict NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED policy; therefore, staying on track with the timeline will aide in your success in my class.

Classroom Norms:

* Stay on topic/limit side conversations

* Cell phones are placed within the wall cubby before the bell rings

* Presume positive intentions

* RAIDER RESPECT--Respect self, others, and property

* Willingness to TRY--productive struggle is part of learning

* Do your own work

* Help others when needed

* No late work accepted


  • Cheating/Academic Dishonesty will result in a zero with no options for redemption for either party involved.
    • Copying and plagiarizing is unprofessional, unethical, and unacceptable. “Borrowing” or plagiarizing of any kind will result in a zero ‘0’ for the entire project/assignment. When using an author’s work, give credit cite your sources.
    • Copying someone else’s work will cause both you and the person who permitted you to copy their work to receive a zero (0) for the assignment.
  • Electronic Devices/Cell Phones
    • Will be stored in the cell phone “garage” on the wall behind my desk and this is how attendance will be taken. If your student does not have a cell phone, please note so in the comments section below as other arrangements will need to be made.
      • Cell phone usage is not permitted during class time.
      • All confiscated phones will be turned into Administration and follow the school’s cell phone misuse policy.
    • Listening to music is permitted during individual work time. (If you abuse it…you lose it!)
    • Music must be stored on a Flash Drive as IPods, Cell phones and other devices are not allowed at the student workstations.
  • NO food or drink (except water which must be kept on floor)
  • Internet Usage--School District policy regarding Internet usage will be followed. No Downloading!!!
  • Computer Usage--Policy from the Student Handbook is strictly enforced. Please read those pagescarefully.
  • Equipment Misuse/Damages--Any unauthorized handling of equipment, power switches, or supplies may result in a reduction of course points or result in dismissal from the class.
    • Students are responsible for replacing or paying for any damaged equipment/materials.
  • Any technology issues arising from not using Stevens’s equipment/software and/or following the assignment requirements will not result in time extensions for completion, altered grading requirements or assignment modifications.
  • Talking kept to a minimum so other students can focus on their work—do not disrupt others
  • NO rolling around on the chairs.
  • Do NOT sit or lean on any of the counters/desks.
  • Due to safety reasons, book bags are to be kept on the far counter and the aisles kept clear.
  • Leave the workstation area clean – free of trash; chairs pushed in; textbooks in their proper location.
  • Do not to line up at the door
  • Students will abide by all of the SHS rules outlined in the handbook.

My classroom is for class work only not a hangout :)

If you would like additional assistance, to discuss grades, inquire about missing assignments or missed work you will need to come in before or after school.

You are more than welcome to come in any time between 7:30am and 3:30pm for extra work time... EVEN if I have a class during your free hours. If you would like to come in during the lunch periods you will need to make prior arrangements with me as the hallway door and my room door may be locked. When you come into work please don't distract the current class in session and do not bring friends with you.