This is an advanced and more rigorous computer course.

It is recommended that students have successfully passed Computer Applications before taking this course.

This course is the prerequisite for Graphic Design 2.

Attendance plays a huge role in being successful in this course.

Adobe Creative Cloud software is used for creating assignments/projects, which is only installed on the computers within the computer labs. Students should be able & willing to devote outside of class time for project/assignment completion if they have fallen behind (absences) in order to stay on the timeline and be successful.

Any technology issues arising from not using Stevens’s equipment/software and/or following the assignment requirements will not result in time extensions for completion, altered grading requirements or assignment modifications.

If you wish to download the trial versions of the software or purchase software please make sure assignments transfer before completing the entire project. A failure to view/grade due to software issues does not result in an extension of time. A zero will be awarded.

Expand your skills and knowledge to bring presentations, animations, and graphics together using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and presentation software. Spend time exploring legal and ethical issues, career opportunities, fundamentals of computer graphics, raster vs vector graphics, various software specific tools, and basic animations.

  • Learn how to design/create using a drawing tablet within Adobe Illustrator and Animate!
  • Develop an awareness of career opportunities and professionalism in graphic design and related fields
  • Explore fundamentals related to graphic design
  • Focus on learning the skills!
    • Photoshop --Photo editing and manipulating existing images or creating new
    • Illustrator--Creating vector graphics for creating logos, graphics, cartoons for photo-realistic layouts
    • Animate--Create a variety of 2-D animated projects and other interactive content

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Animate

Adobe Photoshop